Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Parental Advice

"MOM!" I yell from the base of the stairs. "I am going out."

She peers down the stairs. "Lock the door and set the alarm on your way out."


"When will you be back?" She asks. I am now tying my shoes.

"I will be late." I reply. "I am going out with T and E."

"Shall I put food out for you?"

(Haha. Put food out. Like a cat. We put the food out for our cats. And now, apparently me.)

"No." I answer. "We are going to this Indian restaurant, Babur, ..."

"INDIAN restaurant?" Mom makes a face. "I don't know why you kids want to waste money on an INDIAN restaurant. After all, you can eat that stuff here, right at home!"


Suroor said...

God bless a mother's heart and her culinary skills!

aamer bakti said...

She has a point. What culinary variation do we have at home usually? Indian food. What do you have whenever we go to those major dawats? Indian food. I'm surprised you'd still want to go out for Indian food with friends. Experiment a little :D

Anonymous said...

That' funny, although I must say I actually agree with her:) I'm a little jealous of you though. Your mom sounds like a great lady. The idea of my mother actually putting food out for when I come home would be nothing short of a miracle. Actually the thought of her cooking anything at all would a miracle in itself:)

sabrina said...

your mom is like my mom but the only difference is that my mom, just in general, is against going out to eat (apparently the 12 bucks spent on an entree could get you two whole chicken, big rice bag, and all the other things you need and you can cook for twentty people) except for the Syrian place that we used to go, which was like 40 miles away. But the food was so good that it was worth the drive and spending $15-$17 on an entree wouldn't make you feel too guilty.

Anonymous said...

u gotto admit she's right mez.... next time, maybe try telling her that u r going to a chinese restaurant... hmm...wonder what her response will be... (But if ur mom is like my mom, then the response would be something like, "A Chinese Restaurant? Does it serve halal food? I dont think it does..."


mezba said...

Suroor: well said. Amen.

Aamer Bakti: Well replace Indian with desi and I agree with you. I would love some Calamari right now.. ooooh!

Anon: yup, my mom one great lady.

Sabrina: haha I can totally relate to that conversation about what you can get for 12 bucks.

I don't like spending too much money on Arabic food though. Sheesh tawouk is one thing, but Arabic food here is so expensive I feel ripped off. Maybe because I remember having a shawarma for 2 dhs.

Behbood: haha exactly. "How halal is it?"

Anonymous said...

When we go out,it's indian food for us too,coz am not a desi and I love spicy food(we use spices too,but indian food is just too yummy).sf

Em said...

Aah, Indian... delightfully smelly Indian. From this week, my department's started ordering Indian for our lunchtime presentations... people can now smell what department we're from in the afternoons *sigh*.

Oh and speaking of calamari, Mez, did you see that colossal squid they just caught in NZ? The calamari rings would apparently be the size of tractor tires! Don't know about you, but it's put me off a little *shudder*.

Anonymous said...

kinda the COMPLETE opposite with my mom....when we all decide to go out for dinner as a family...guess where we go...yup, INDIAN restaurant...and we are ALL pure indians..

so my mystery remains unsolved :)

maryam said...

i never tell my parents i'm eating out, let alone indian...i'd never hear the end of it!

mezba said...

Sf: Indian food is just super yummy. I LOVE BUTTER CHICKEN.

Em: haha... yes I saw the squid.. but I think the larger the squid is the more rubbery the meat, so it wouldn't make such good calamari.

Anon: time give mediteranean food a try.

Maryam: from now, me too.