Friday, February 16, 2007

Overheard On Bus Today

One girl telling another, "Oh I dumped him. He was not interested in me physically. Only sexually."

What does that MEAN?


Anonymous said...

she's not cute enough that he wants to flaunt her but he still wants to get some?

Aisha said...

Got me. That indeed is quite baffling.

Karim said...

As the Law of Girls say:

Beauty x Brain x Availibility = Constant

I suspect she was beautiful and available

mezba said...

Ruby: I am tempted to say you might have got it. But why would she say he is not interested in her "physically"? Such an odd choice of words.

Aisha: it is eh? Strange conv you overhear on the bus.

Karim: Nice formula, though it may tick off some readers of the blog :-D

mousehunter said...

Interesting. Mousehunter says "Kids, stay in school! Or you may become blog material!"

My guess is, he don't like her, but she put out, so he stayed. Kinda like free food (may not taste great, but its free!)

mezba said...

Oh mousehunter, I forgot to add the fuzzy part - the girls looked no older than 19.

mousehunter said...

Why am I not surprised...haha. Kids are getting denser and denser these days. I swear, when you hear a teenager say something 1/2 intelligent they get put up on a pedestal. And that's in Canada, imagine the U.S.!

Suroor said...

Oh I know! I know!

The idiot never told her she was pretty and beautiful! Good she dumped him - he was really not interested in her physically :P

singlemuslimah said...

Wow. The things you hear on public transit. As for what she meant, I think Ruby may be right.

Salacious Samosa said...

What this means my dear Mezba is that the gentleman took NO INTEREST in seduction, and only ACTION!

Hear it from an Aunty of the world..


Khulud said...

I think the doesn't want her "physically" as in "physical existence". However, he is willing to use her for sex.

Maliha said...

love random bus conversation. I guess you are a people observer too? I love trying to deduce a person's life story from the look on their face or how they interact with others.

oh yeah, I agree with Ruby on th eanswer.

Anonymous said...

She only served in one purpose only. She finally got "smart" and dumped the loser! sf

mezba said...

Suroor, Samosa, Ruby: I think you are all right. Each of you said the same thing albiet with different perspectives. Now I know how women think! (ya right)

Single muslimah, khulud(!): Yup.

Maliha: Yes, I am an avid people watcher, especially when the batteries on my ipod runs out lol.

Sf: true. If she was smarter though, she wouldn't have hung out with him in the first place.. she's 19!!!