Monday, February 19, 2007

Meeting Up With IshyMosa

First, A Few Plugs:
  • A few friends of mine from McMaster University are involved with a project called Wake Up Bangladesh (Jaago Bangladesh) that aims to get rid of poverty by the metaphoric equivalent of teaching people to fish (skills workshops, education) rather than giving them the fish (charity). It's a great initiative, so do check out Jaago Bangladesh.

  • If you are in Toronto on March 16th, 2007, and can speak Bengali, you MUST attend the University of Toronto's BSA show at Isabel Bader Theatre. Not only do you get to watch the best Bengali cultural show in town, you get to see ME on stage. One of my roles (even though it's only a minute) is called Disco Mullah #2. The other, longer, role is Tipu Bhai. Yes, that's all I can say now.

    Forthcoming Posts:

  • Why I Don't Like Girls Looking For A Guy With Masters (it may have something to do with the fact that I don't have one).

  • My Cricket World Cup Preview (or why the Bangladesh Cricket captain should keep his mouth shut and focus on not embarrassing us).

    On to other stuff:
    I am beginning to hate this winter. Dry skin, chapped lips and what not. Yes, Doctor Nowal did prescribe some treatment (read: Petroleum Jelly) and they did work, but not on the day I was supposed to meet the heads of IshyMosa Productions! Oh quelle horreur!

    We had a great dinner at Rainforest Cafe. I think I am in love - finally I discovered another restaurant that's open late at night other than Lahore Tikka House. I am telling you, that Karahi Gosht was beginning to get a little too repetitive.

    We had seafood pizza. I didn't know such a thing existed. Plus lots of other stuff. Calamari. Shrimp. Must. Come. Back. 1 month of gym gone.

    Waitress: Where would you like to be seated please?
    Samosa [with perfect straight face]: Near those screaming gorillas please.

    Classic IshyMosa Moment:
    Isheeta: That gorilla looks awfully like prospect #2 ...
    Samosa: Well, as long as it's a doctor ...

    Classic Me Moment:
    Isheeta: So, where's your car?
    Me: There! [points at the parking lot with thousands of cars]

    What can one say about Isheeta and Samosa that has not been said already? They are exactly like their blogs - witty, funny, bubbly and very down-to-earth, honest, really COOL people.

    Which reminds me. Next time for our bloggers meet - we must get more bloggers. All the bloggers on my sidebar, you are on notice!

    I am just jealous of the huge marine aquarium they had there.

    leibniz said...

    >> Why I Don't Like Girls Looking For A Guy With Masters

    In USA we say, "Don't be hattin brother."


    Suroor said...

    I look forward to your posts and Mezba, you are very good looking mashallah, I had to say!

    Anonymous said...

    Bloggers meet up: come to Bamerica!
    You know, I actually did end up meeting a blogger (Arafat), though accidental! It turned out that we both like the free iftar at my hehe..

    you have kept me from correcting my typo! And you don't have a master's degree.... sigh! and hence I remain anonymous... I ..... HATE ... you! lol

    Anonymous said...

    by the way, why did you "cartoon photoshop" that pic? who do you think you are? Isheeta? You ain't half as cool.. so stop trying. :P

    the same bitter anon

    Sonia said...

    'disco mullah'? ooh that sounds intriguing!

    mezba said...

    Leibniz: It will all change when I get mine iA.. hehe .. but for the moment I am in the "other" camp.

    Suroor: thank you. What happened to your blog though - I couldn't see it today.

    Anon: I know who you are though ;-)

    Sonia: Astakfirullah! :-)

    Anonymous said...

    Ohh you're doing the disco mullah part? hehe pura manabe ;)


    mezba said...

    SH: There's two Disco Mullah roles now. On the note I got from F, it said I am Disco Mullah #2.

    Maliha said...

    I am jealous of this blogger's meet. I think we should do a regional meetup of will be nice to put writings to personalities and whatnot.

    Sounds like you had a blast :)

    Nowal said...

    mezb, did you wear knee-extensors or something? or OD on growth hormones? to impress The Ladies? ;)
    how'd you get that tall?

    who's anon? i'd like to know considering how i have a vested interest in arafat :P

    Anonymous said...

    Would definetely say hi to any of you guys if I meet you somewhere inshallah. Now, dancing mullah???K, the picture you posted, seems like those movies where someone raises their hands in *rage* to the *heavens??*. About girls looking for a guy with masters, well, don't some guys look for girls who are *super beautiful?*,atleast those sisters are thinking *smart*,hehehee, sorry, just had to say that! sf

    isheeta said...

    Just to entice readers into checking out mezba's "tipu mullah" (merger), I WILL be there!

    I have no idea what they will be saying, but I am going to check out Mezba and his dancing mullah ass. :D

    mezba is yummy :)

    COME check him out.

    isheeta said...

    actually, sorry, I dont want to pull a "nicole richie at paris' bday party"... its still very tentative. But mezba, what u should do is Youtube your scenes. that way all the bloggers can see it. That would be awesome.

    Em said...

    "Disco mullah": ahahahaha!! Waiting for it to appear on youtube (you had better put it up). BTW, a dumb qn: why 16 March instead of 26 March?

    I anxiously await your forthcoming posts, esp the first one... I came across an extreme variety once - the double-doctorate seeker: MD/PhD or JD/PhD. Needless to say, she's still looking :).

    leibniz said...

    Technically I am also not done with masters but I don't hate. :)

    On meeting bloggers in real life. I cam pretty close to something similar when one of my new friends started talking about some bloggers and I was one of them! So I ended up bashing my blogging alter ego and hating on me/him.

    Anonymous said...

    My friend's sister was conveniently nicknamed, :disco hujur:, she at the age of 14, right after praying (salam firano shesh korar shonge shonge) throw away her "chador" would start dancing bhangra to then latest bollywood songs.

    you could do some videorecording and put it on the tube for this thing, couldn't you?

    I can totally picture a pure disco mullah in you. Hahaha


    Khulud said...

    I meant the youtube thing...
    ooh.. me and my typing skillz... 800wpm

    'liya said...

    The Rainforest Cafe is cool (though I like it more for its decoration than food). I have to admit the first time I stood looking at the hanging snake out in front I jumped when it moved... didn't think it would move!

    Sound like you had fun! Would love to meet sometime :D

    mezba said...

    Maliha: We should have a regional meet. Maybe next year you guys can come to RIS or we can go to ISNA.

    Nowal: No knee-extensors. No growth hormones. Just me.


    And Anon? Well, its ...

    Anon: haha dancing mullah, this will be more like the mullah who looks at girls - but ONLY to check out the fitnah so he can warn others lol.

    Isheeta: Oh yes!

    Isheeta: Oh no :-(

    I will try and get someone to video. But knowing Bengalis we are very irresponsible.

    Em: 16 March is a Fri so was good night to have a show.

    Leibniz: I know the feeling ;-)

    Sabrian: I think I will like your friend's sister!

    Liya: We will call you next time. I loved the pizza. OMG I want to go back there.

    Abu Sinan said...

    Masters? I never got that one.

    With my job, EE, I dont need a masters. PhD? That is actually a job liability with EE.

    I will make no more money with a Masters, I will not really rise any faster in the job chain, so why bother?

    In the EE field many supervisors run as fast as they can from PhDs.

    But I guess it depends on the field. If you get a Bachelors in Psychology, your job outlook in the field basically ZERO. You must have at least a Masters.

    Engineering, I am happy to say, a Bachelors is more than enough!

    maryam said...

    you guys met up with fellow bloggers? that is so cool! i want in next time :(

    ps: i live in Perth, its on the other side of the world :|