Friday, June 06, 2008

Frivolous Friday

I have decided that Friday is going to be Frivolous Friday. At least that will get me posting on some regular basis. So this post will contain all sort of random musings collected together in one spot.

Any regular reader of my blog will know my grouse with Dubai - the city that is holding a debate on preserving national values but still advertises the Emirates non-stop flight to Dubai from Toronto as "the only thing between you and Dubai is a gourmet meal, a nice glass of wine, ..."

From Gulf News, here's a good read - Dubai cabbies tell all.
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If you have some time to kill on Saturdays and Sundays, you can watch our new tapeball cricket league in action. Our website: Toronto TBCT.
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Here's something I have always argued - faster roads are safer. Canadians are sissies when it comes to speed limits - a mere 100 km per hour! I have driven all over the Middle East where the speed limit is set at 120 kph, and cars take that as a minimum speed. Granted, the Middle East may not have the safest roads anywhere (even without women driving in some of those countries!) but all over Europe they drive faster. I have driven in southern USA where 75 miles (120 kph) is the limit and cars go about 85 moh or so. Toronto sucks if you have a nice car - go 150 kph and they can pull you over now and slap all sort of fines and criminal charges. 150! I drove all the way to Dubai from Abu Dhabi going 145 kph on a Yaris. Abu Dhabi is great there - good cars, cheap gas, and scanty speed limit enforcement.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree about the speed limit thing - it's way too slow in Toronto, but I guess it's because our weather is so bad more than half the year that in order to try and deter motorists from skidding on the Gardiner they impose a lower limit.

Anonymous said...

ue league is interesting mez...i had no idea this even existed... let me know in advance when registration for next year's event is being set up. I would love to join in.


mezba said...

halfcupofchai: good point about the Gardiner. But of course they could raise the speed limit when weather is nice, like have those electronic signboards.

Behbood: I will update you on the next tournament.

Shabina said...

man, i miss michigan freeways, where i could drive 85mph and my car wouldn't beep annoyingly.

did your yaris do that in abu dhabi? we had to crank up the tunes on the drive to saudi to drown out the bloody beeping.

mezba said...

Shabina: it did beep! But I think the rental company did something, because it would beep for the first minute and then shut off the alarm by itself!