Friday, June 20, 2008

Frivolous Friday - 2

You know your country's PROFESSIONAL cricket team is a bad one when their stated aim is to beat the United Arab Emirates team - a team made up of expats and construction workers and accountants with a little extra time on their hands.
* * *

The Euro 08 tournament is really shaping up very well. Just six more games to go and already so many goals and champagne moments. And yes, Portugal is out (YEEAAAH). I am sick of Christiano Ronaldo and his theatrics in the field and I do NOT see what women see in him (actually I do but I choose not to).
* * *

A man has supposedly shed 80 lbs on a Mc Donald's diet. If you believe that I have a bridge in Scarborough I want to sell to you for cheap.
* * *

I never heard of this guy before. Cool - it gives me something to 'research' on the weekend. Especially since our team lost by 1 RUN on our quarter final. 1 BLOODY RUN.


Brainsmoke said...

The cricket team has lofty goals...haha. Perhaps its a morale

Not following Euro, and too late to get into it now.

That's exactly what McDonalds needs...great! Imagine how much weight he could have lost if he ate real food :P BTW, what bridge you talkin about?

You've never heard of Harun Yahya? I've never read his stuff, but its said to be pretty good. If you read it, let me know.

Specs said...

Well, your cricket team is still better than ours which has lofty goals it has no hope of reaching if the Selection Board remains the same. All Pakistani players ever do is get suspended and/or held at airports for trafficking drugs.

Harun Yahya is pretty good. His books are very popular in Pakistan. If you read any, do review it on your blog.

asikha said...

Harun Yahya is very controversial. Although Mezbah I am surprised you have never heard of him. His religions/scientific arguments are questionable - see his stuff on youtube.

mezba said...

Brainsmoke: at least they now won.... thank God!

Never heard of Harun Yahya, looks like (wiki) he is under arrest now for some sex charges...yuck.

Specs: I just WISH our cricket team was better! Bunch of inconsistent hitters, that's what we have.

Ashika, nope, had never heard of the dude before.