Sunday, December 30, 2007

Taare Zameen Par - A Review

I saw the movie Taare Zameen Par yesterday. It was a choice of either that or Kite Runner. And frankly, I am glad I chose Taare Zameen Par.

Without giving the story away, it's about a kid who has a problem and his teacher, Aamir Khan, who deals with it and teaches the rest of us a thing or two.

This year saw two movies (Chak De and Taare Zameen Par) that were both away from the run-of-the-mill romances, minus heroines and starring the leading man in equal footage with the rest of the cast - and yet both look to be big hits. It is proof that there is space in Bollywood for non-formulaic movies - as a long as its well made.

Taare Zameen Par has a solid script, excellent acting and does not drag on or insert unnecessary drama when there is no need to. It is a simple story, told well. You can take your whole family to the movie and enjoy a great Eid and New Year's treat. Two songs from the movie, Maa and Bum Bole are very good and well picturized.

If you have not seen this movie yet, you should.

Rating: 5 stars.


Shovon said...

one of the better movies out there.

'liya said...

Hmmm a teaching movie? Maybe I will check it out :D

Aisha said...

I saw Kite Runner last night... it was OK.... if you read the book then it pales in comparison.

Molly said...

Hmm, if only I could find a place that showed Bollywood movies.... The problem with not living in TO.

I saw The Kite Runner today. Fairly good screenplay, but the book was still better. I think I'm going to write a review of it on my blog.

When I have time......

Anonymous said...

did you watch life in a metro?

beautiful movie makes you think.

mystic said...

5 stars !!

Great acting by Amir Khan. Great movie !

mezba said...

Shovon: Yes it is. I think it's one of the most refeshing movies of the year.

Liya: Yes, a teaching movie. I think you should check it out, I am sure it will come with subtitles.

Aisha: I haven't seen Kite Runner yet.

Molly: I look forward to your review. Somehow I am waiting for it to come on DVD.

Anon: Haven't watched that one yet.

Mystic: Agreed.

Molly said...

you should definately write a new blog post.


Lipna said...

I watched this movie last week. It was a really good hindi movie I have watched after a long time!! Specially I liked the way it potrayed the naughtiness of the kid and how nicely the fact is shown that sometimes some parents care more about their own choices rather than the kids :)
Nice writeups!!


Molly said...

its been like a month now....

are you alive?

mezba said...

Molly: yes!

Lipna: thanx.

Molly: Definitely alive, but not kicking as usual!

everythingiseventual said...

umm i thought amir khan was a tad over emotional in the movie...but apart from that, i think it deserves applause for its deviation from conventional Bollywood, or rather just Bollywood itself. Oh and i wasn't a fan of the songs sung by children in English, they just sounded really lame.

Faraz said...

I normally have no interest in Indian movies... but Taare Zameen Par really was excellent. The clear Calvin and Hobbes influence really added to it's appeal for me.

Some scenes were outright stolen from C&H, but I suppose that's okay. Aamir Khan was a bit over-the-top at times as well, but the child and his mother delivered such strong performances that it didn't detract from the overall quality of the film.

mezba said...

Everythingiseventual: the script was really excellent. Especially the song "Ma" I really liked its placement in the movie. I think Aamir mantained control - but the climax was a bit too Disney.

Faraz: Don't know what Calvin and Hobbes is :-| but I agree - the movie had some strong performances.