Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Please Give Liya Your Support

My friend Liya's uncle is fighting a discrimination case today. Please head over there and give her your support.

This shit really pisses me off, especially after the Vancouver airport taser event.

And what pisses me off even more is the attitude of some people who then go "oh our police can do no wrong the guy must have deserved it, they get a lot of shit for doing their job".


Mousehunter said...


Anonymous said...

I hope he finds justice, this is really sad and shocking, I use that station most of the time when I use the TTC, I just don't understand why a peaceful guy would have to go through this. sf

Aisha said...

Ridiculous. Thanks for bringing it to the public's attention. I've joined a Georgia Muslim Legal network to work on fighting these types of cases....

Anonymous said...

Mezba have you heard about this?


MM said...

Agree with the annoying set of people who respond to every caser of police brutality with "if he didnt want to get tasered/shot, he should have kept his mouth shut".

Anonymous said...

I might get flamed for this but hitting a security guard is never a good idea. The guard may or may not have had a valid reason to pick on him but to hit a security guard is just plain crazy.


'liya said...

Thanks for your support Mezba I really really appreciate it very much.

Athena, he was standing there talking with his friends (all adults), just having a regular conversation (they weren't even playing around or anything, just standing and talking) when HE was approached and pushed. If the guard was taking out his baton, what was he supposed to do in defence/shock? It was his first instinct to push the guard away and I don't blame him.

mezba said...

Hi All:

Thank you for standing by her at this time.

Mousehunter, Sf: True, I use it many times and it is shocking it could happen to me.

Aisha: kudos to you and others for the initiative.

Sf: Yes, I did. See my post today. To me this is just a case of a domestic violence.

Mm: yep.

Athena: If a security guard tried to rough me up without a valid reason I would hit back too. It's called self-defense and no one is above the law.

Liya: I hope you uncle finds justice.