Wednesday, December 05, 2007

News Around The World As I See It

So Bill Clinton thinks the media should focus better on his wife's "record". He also said "I would pick her and be here if we weren't married.".

For the, er, record, Bill Clinton DID pick someone else while he was married, and the only record I can think of Hillary is that she is Bill's wife (and she must not have done a very good job there too).

I don't know what bugs me most about Hillary. To me she is someone who sniffs the polls and decides her position of the day. I remember she kissed Arafat's wife once and the Jews in New York made a big deal out of it - then she became vehemently pro-Israel to appease them.

Then there's Barack Obama. The guy is all nice guy and then he wants to bomb Pakistan (hey, gotta show them I am tough, eh). Then people say he's not really like that just pretending to be tough to appeal to those who won't vote for him any way. Uh, sure. Whatever.

We also have Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (if you can't pronounce that think A-Mad-Dinner-Jacket) who wants to build a "World Islamic Court".
"Some international organizations, specially the Security Council, have not been formed based on justice. The way this council is governed is a symbol of injustice with global effects," the Iranian president said.
Er, sure. Justice, right? Given Iran's fantastic justice system, where women are put into jail for not wearing the proper scarf or be beaten to death for photographing a building, I am sure other countries are begging to sign up.

In Dubai they have smashed a major vice ring.
Dubai is considered to be the most liberal of the seven-emirate group, with a booming sex industry.Anti-trafficking campaigners say Dubai authorities often turn a blind eye to prostitution for economic reasons.
I mean, when you hire lots of poor South Asian men, pay them 4 Dhs a day, forbid them from going home except once every 2 years, and that too for mere 2 weeks, you'd think sex would be the last thing on their minds, right? Then again, earning 4 Dhs a day, and prostitution reportedly a "booming" business, the customers must be getting a bargain. No wonder Dubai is called the Shopper's Paradise.

Meanwhile, you know those Sardar jokes you are forwarding to me? Very bad news if you are in India.

Toronto is now the most multi-cultural city in the world. Someone now wants to build a 'black only' school here. What a stupid idea. I mean, next, what if Asians now want a whole chunk of Toronto to themselves (besides Scarborough, that is)?

And that's the News Around The World, as I see it, this week.


Nauman said...

Democracy doubtlessly is the best possible form of government but it also has some shortcomings. One such shortcoming is the way politicians sell themselves and their manifestos to the public. Especially American politicians always look overambitious and so focused on their goals that it seems that they will use all means at their disposal to reach their goal without any moral scruples. A person with some character may like to electioneer with some integrity but not these people. I wonder why is it that the advertisements made in USA are very sophisticated but their election campaign looks very crude? Probably this is the reason why steroid cheats like Arnold are able to make it to the governorship of California and war mongers are able to win a second term in the presidency.

Aisha said...

(and she must not have done a very good job there too)<-- Oh come on! No one deserves to get cheated on... maybe he should have divorced her if she wasn't being a good wife, but if your'e goign to stick with her, be faithful to her.:)

And the Sikh joke thing is very intersting. Do you think its the right thing?

Molly said...

A-Mad-Dinner-Jacket- you watched the view??? lol.

And the "Shopper's Paradise" made me crack up.

good take, I enjoyed reading that.

MM said...

The Dubai"raid" was like all other such raids in Dubai, targted at the lowest section of society.
They always overlook crimes (ranging from crushing pedestrians to "vice dens") when it comes to the more privileged classes.

And many do justify that by saying, "hey look, whats the use of being a citizen if one receives the same punishment as an expat?"

The worst aspect is that Dubai has now started attracting racists from the West, who applaud the strict race based hierarchy here and deplore the "Politically correct" nature of the West where everyone is treated the same.

mezba said...

Nauman: in the USA since there is no limit on corporate donations or individual donations, parties and politicians are essentially tools of corporations and big companies. So no matter who wins, the corporations are the ones who are going to benefit and the real change to real people is very less.

Aisha: hehe I knew that line would get your goat! To be fair I think Hillary is a very smart woman but she is polarizing and too much "establishment" for me.

Sikh jokes, well I don't know he full story but if Ambani is being prosecuted because some company uses his telecommunication company to send jokes via SMS this case should not stand.

Molly: well I took the A-Mad-Dinner-Jacket from somewhere, don't remember where I saw it.

Yup, Dubai is a true paradise... for all sorts!

MM: what cracked me up was police turning the other cheek due to economic reasons!

Suroor said...

I actually didn't get the Dubai joke. I mean they have police attending pimping sessions and then they claim to have busted prostitution rings?!

Anonymous said...

We'll have to see who wins and which other *war* is *created*. A mad dinner jacket is a good one, I think I heard it from Joy (the view), the most funny thing about the guy is that *there are no gays in Iran*, wow! LOL!
I haven't heard of the *sikh jokes* yet. Ahh Dubai, the STAR, hehehehe, well, no wonder the guys there think every woman can be *bought* with all the stuff going on there. Yes, I was reading about the Black schools since their biggest concern was that they don't receive the same *attention* as other kids thus they drop out when they reach high school(?). Remember why the PC didn't win the last election???Yeah, funding for religious schools, now this is coming up, I don't think it's a good idea, I think all kids should go to school together no matter what their backgrounds are, this would teach them tolerance and understanding of each others' cultures/religions. sf

Aisha said...

Jeezz, am i THAT predictable? LOL