Sunday, December 09, 2007

"I am not on Facebook"

A conversation with a good friend of mine.

Him: Give me the link to your album of your Bangladesh trip.

Me: It's on Facebook.

Him: I disabled my Facebook account.

Me: So you are not returning to Facebook?

Him: Yes, I am not going back to Facebook. I am making a point. It takes too much of my time and people are very immature on Facebook. I would rather not see that side of them.

Me: But the only online album I have is on Facebook.

Him: Go to the album and copy the public link URL and give that to me so I can see your albums without going on Facebook.

Me: But you will be seeing my albums which are on Facebook.

Him: But I won't be going into Facebook. Oh yeah, and send me those other albums as well, plus ... blah blah...

Me: So you will be seeing my Facebook albums, as well as those others, all of which are on Facebook, but you will not be going into Facebook, and thus still be making your point about how Facebook is encroaching into our lives and how you reject such encroachment?

Him: Exactly.


Ahmed said...


Anonymous said...

Were you talking to "Partho"? :P

- Athena

Aisha said...

I'm debating deleting mine too. It really is too much drama.

Elyria said...

I've never understood those who say it's too much drama. Really, when you control every aspect of it from deciding who is in your friend list to how much you want them to be able to view, then if it's still too much drama, what does that say about you?

Facebook Zindabad.

Suroor said...

He is making sense, you know

mezba said...

Ahmed: hehe. We can't get rid of facebook for now eh?

Athena: No, but I think he would fit the bill too! FYI this 'friend' is a BSA member too!

Aisha: I have had a few people tell me that lately. I think pictures of friends they think are honest and upright break their revere and so on. I have had to change my opinion of a few people due to facebook.

Elyria: I think it is due to everyone's different expectations and what works for them. I personally use Facebook a lot, mainly to keep in touch.

mezba said...

suroor: C'mon Suroor you are The Chick you can't quit on Fbook!

Shabina said...

haha. see, i'm not the only one who thinks opening a facebook account is like going down a deep, dark windy path from which there is no return :)

Anonymous said...

I finally did join fb and found my long lost friends from primary school. They have their own families now, it's so nice to reconnect, I use it for those purposes, to reconnect with old friends and find new ones, though my *reason* could be *boring* for all those going there for some *masala*. LOL sf