Monday, July 02, 2007

Canada Day

What's the first thing you think of when you think Canada?

Cold climate and snow, right?

Last month, we were having a nice spring. 20+ degrees centigrade, clear skies and so on. The my cousins from Texas decided to pay a visit. The night they landed, it fell to 3 degrees and we got a FROST warning (in June!!!) for our gardens.

"M-m-m-ezba!" My cousin told me, immediately on landing, with his teeth chattering, "I h-h-have heard your country is c-c-cold, but this-!"

Talk about an exception proving the rule!

So this week, with another set of cousins coming here from Australia, I decided to check the weather again. We had been having a heat wave recently, with some temperatures going as high as 42 degrees (with humidex), so I was happy.

"It's going to get colder..." went the forecase.

"Oh, no!" I thought, "Not again!" Already, my niece from Sydney had complained their winters were getting colder, with the temperature falling as low as 16 degrees. Our predicted SUMMER temperature for this weekend - 20 degrees!

Thankfully, the weather people were all WRONG. It was a glorious day, as we celebrated Canada Day like thousands of other tourists to Canada, going to Niagara Falls, and then later catching a glorious fireworks at the park.

The American Falls portion of the Falls, taken from the Maid of the Mist.

The Horseshoe Falls portion of the Falls, taken from a distance.

Fireworks at Milliken Park.

Happy Canada Day!


Athena said...


what kind of camera do you have? The zoom button on mine is TERRIBLE :(. You should check out the 2 pix of fireworks that I posted :P hehe. Loving your ones.

Achelois said...

Brrrrrrrrr! Happy brrrrrr Canada Day! Brrrrr!

Canada is colder than me Scotland!

mousehunter said...

Only Canadian weather man! We went strawberry picking yesterday, it was quite enjoyable. But one second it was cold, then the sun came out from behind the clouds and it was hot. Ver 1 kept going in and out of his coat.

I have the same question as athena, what kind of camera do you have?

sophister said...

I can't see the pictures (blocked by the MAN), so I will keep my stereotypes of Canada in-tact hoser.

Anonymous said...

Same here, my camera's zoom button is just *pathetic*. We went to Niagara falls the wknd before coz of *everyone* heading there this weekend. Happy Canada Day to all. :) sf

mezba said...

Athena: Thanx. The pictures were taken from a Canon Powershot SD700 IS. The optical zoom is 4x.

I got many more pics that I didn't post on flickr coz I have to resize them (to make the sizes smaller, flickr has a quota) and put my blog's url in there. I might upload more on fbook later.

Achelois: is it? lol.. today we got really warm - 23 degrees. It wasn't always like this - where is global warming when you need it?

Mousehunter: haha ya I kept chucking my coat into the hamper or putting it on, repeatedly, as well.

Sophister: oh no... too bad about the MAN.

SF: we went in the morning so as to enjoy it in the daylight (for my cousins who were tourists) and then came back around 4 (when everyone was heading TO the falls - and the lineup on the highway 420 was LOOOONG!). Then we just went around the city for the various fireworks.

'liya said...

Mezba, your first two picture look like postcards - so beautiful!

Snowdrops said...

What's the first thing you think of when you think Canada?

Cold climate and snow, right?

hmm... not exaclty. I usually think of the red leaf thingamajig on the flag.

the tempearature in the Uk has been forecasted as 20 max... but it seems lower somehow.

But hey, its cool... literally. =D

Miss Specs said...

Well..happy Canada Day to you!

Salacious Samosa said...

Happy Canada day Mezba!


Purple said...

It's like the rain and the UK. I assure you we have very lovely (dry) summers. People just visit at the wrong times!!

So please visit (with you brollys).

Happy Canuck's Day!

Anonymous said...

wasnt it a bit chilly on sunday night mez?


sonia said...

the first thing i think when i think canada is maple syrup. and then that canadians are nice and liberal compared to the americans!

mezba said...

Liya: thanx! If you were on fbook you could see more, soon!

Snowdrops: haha yes it was cool. Actually this Sunday it's supposed to hit 40 again. That's Canadian weather for you.

Miss Specs: same to you.

Samosa: Lots of happy Canada Day breakfast to you.

Purple: The three times I visited London, it rained almost without fail at least once a day. Perhaps that's why they got such good TV comedies - in a land where it rains every other day, the TV has to be good!

Behbood: oh yes. I wore a jacket to the fireworks show.

Sonia: true true and true!