Monday, July 16, 2007

Goodbye - for now

This post has been some time coming (not to mention it's the 400th post too).

It's been a wild ride. I can't believe that my first post was actually about a free movie offer. It picked up from then on. I wrote about many things. Some of it even got linked to by others.

I met a lot of lovely people through this blog (and some of them were even girls!). I read a lot of mind-broadening perspectives as I followed links and discovered the wonderful world of bloggers. A lot of readers and commentators I have grown to cherish hearing from.

Recently I went back and read a few posts I had written previously, on various topics. Then I read my recent posts. Somewhere, I felt, the tone and zeal wasn't the same. The passion wasn't there.

I am taking an indefinite break. A sabbatical, if you will. I don't know when I will be back. Perhaps in time for Eid. Perhaps not. In any case, I couldn't leave without saying good bye.



Suroor said...

That was abrupt!

Take care and I'm hoping you will stay in touch. I will miss you. Yours is one of the first blogs I read everyday!

Lots of love!

'liya said...


"This post has been some time coming" - Whyyyy??

"It's been a wild ride" - so why not let it get wilder?!

"I met a lot of lovely people through this blog" - you can meet MORE girls if you stay!

"Recently I went back and read a few posts I had written previously, on various topics. Then I read my recent posts. Somewhere, I felt, the tone and zeal wasn't the same. The passion wasn't there." - you're reading WRONG - I think your readers can tell you that, we, or at least I, think it's still there!

"I don't know when I will be back. Perhaps in time for Eid." - That's a long way away... and you expect me to survive?! (yes I know I'm being selfish but I don't care!)

"Goodbye." - um... NO!

This is one of my favourite blogs that I check EVERYDAY...


Shovon said...

Goodbye and gooduck!
If you are in the neighborhood, let me know :)

And you are on fb anyways, so will see you there more often ;)

Rawi said...

oh no...

Farah said...



Yours is one blog I check everyday!

Athena said...

WHAT is this ei? Just trying to see how popular you are na by threatening to not blog any more?

*goes to happy place*

Anonymous said...

sh*t man...that's one less website for me to visit when I'm bored at work! -Sak

mezba said...

Thanx for the kind wishes everybody. I just had to take break, recharge my batteries and what not. I didn't feel enthusiastic about sharing my thoughts anymore - so I hope to see you all when I get back sometime later.

Suroor: I'll be keeping in touch, not to worry! Will be visiting your country soon too.

Liya: I read your comment again and again. Thank you!

Shovon: Will definitely let you know if I am in your area. I hope to see more of your lanscape photographs on fb.

Rawi: phir milenge.

Farah: LOL BRB 2 mnths.

Athena: I never thought of doing that hehe but um.. this had to be done.

PS. Actually during my heyday (last year) used to have around 400 readers everyday - then this started to attract all sort of readers (some weirdos if you remember) so I cut down on posting, as well as took out the blog from Google. Now get around 140 visits/day. Hopefully they will return when I return.

Sak: haha given where you work I hope you keep full concentration when you are handling my money!

Anonymous said...

dude, the decision to comment on your recent posts should be left to your readers. And I think there isnt a single person here who would think for a bit that your posts have lost passion. Infact, they are definitly expanding into various genres and that is a definite accomplishment and a monster achievement.

Well, I guess I am a bit too late here to help you reverse your decision, but if you are going on a short leave to recollect your thoughts and be back before the NHL/NBA season starts (and that too with a bang and tons of new life experiences/stories), then I guess you can go on this short leave.

You have got no idea how used to some people have got to your blog. I personally check your blog everday before I even check my personal email(s). Hope you are back way way way before EID.


Anonymous said...

Well wishes and good luck! Your blog is one of the blogs that I have to read everyday, have learnt alot from your blog,the readers comments and have discovered other wonderful bloggers through you. sf

Maliha said...

We'll miss you. Best wishes on everything. Hope you do find your way back to blog-land...

& do keep in touch otherwise.

neha vish said...

Enjoy your time off the blog. It didn't look like you were losing your
"thing", but you're the best judge.

Besides, everyone deserves a blogging holiday. :) Have fun and come back!

mystic-soul said...

stay around....

Spirit Seeker said...

awww im going to miss ur blog, its one of the first i read whn i come back form work at night, it cheers me up!
take care and god bless

isheeta said...


Mezba, you can't leave!

You're like the rock in blogworld... even if I never comment on anyone's blog despite stalking them, I always make a point to visit yours and comment.

I'll miss getting into your head! I'm glad Ive met you though... I think you are an awesome cute guy :)

Please keep in touch. You have my number :)

Else I'll kill you.

mezba said...

thanx once again everybody for your nice words.

Behbood: lol everytime you comment you make me smile. No, I am definitely going to take the extended break, let's see how long it is. Anyways, I will see you online and we should soon be discussing how the Leafs are sucking/winning (yet again).

Sf: thank you thank you. Hopefully I will see you again in 2-3 months time.

Maliha: walaiks. iA.

Neha Vish: thanx, I do plan on some much needed away time.

Mystic-soul: I will still read all your blogs - don't want to be out of the loop.

Spirit Seeker: you and other readers make me want to go on, but alas! I need some time off, and thanx once again for the encouragement.

Isheeta: you are back! thank you so much for those words - I am so glad I met you (via an Islamic conference to boot!) I will keep in touch, never fear.

mousehunter said...

Wow, that came out of left field! I must say I enjoyed reading your posts. Good luck, and hope to continue talking on MSN

Anonymous said...

Mezba, I understand the feeling. Your blog will be so missed (as you can tell by all your fans' comments!) I will keep checking to see whether you're back. In the meantime, facebook stalking it is :)


saqi namah said...

Live long and prosper!

Salacious Samosa said...

Dear Mezba,

As much as you'd like to think that this is goodbye, it ain't. I also 'attempted' quitting a while ago.

It doesn't work brother... trust me.


Specs said...


I'm a regular lurker around this place. Now its starting to sound cliched..but i swear....yours was one blog i read EVERY time i used the net...:(

Your posts have so NOT been boring...maybe writing has started to come easily to you now than it did in the beginning...sometimes, when the words flow too easy, you suspect you've lost haven't. Anyhow, i hope you end your sabbatical soon...i'm gonna check in every other day all the same.

Gonna miss this blog and the sense of humor, seriousness and the 'different' outlook on life that came with it. :(

Good Luck to you.

mezba said...

mousehunter: don't worry - it's a hiatus, iA I will be back, though not soon. So Shazia shouldn't feel too upset that she made my design, I will still be blogging. But sometimes, you need a timeout.

Maleeha: see you on fbook.

Saqi: One to beam up.

Samosa: You called me brother. Sigh. Yet another girl making me bhaia. Sigh sigh.

Specs: thank you so much for your comments.

singlemuslimah said...

We all have to do what's best for us. I'll miss you and your blog. Take care and lots of love.

Yawar said...

Just wanted to let you know, I'm subscribed to your blog's feed on Google Reader so I'll be here when you're back. Good luck and please come back with more stories and ideas about life and everything else!

Salacious Samosa said...

Whatever, i bet everyone 5 bucks he'll be back by next month. I can't believe all you suckers are falling for 'goodbye, so la la la'...knowing Mezba, I can assure you that he will be back.

I mean come on dude, this is where we met... this is sacred ground BROTHA!

Listen you were the one who didn't want to marry a Pakistani, you should be happy I've made you my brother!


AKA said...

You do know there are 5 stages of grief right...right now I am in denial. Leave you say? Pfffft I'm going to go with Samosa on this one. You'll be back. You'll have to come back. You cannot leave us.

Can you?

*sigh* wish you all the best...I guess...

Sumera said...


Please do come back when you have another movie to review! I love your reviews :D

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Mezba..You will be missed :)..

-- Mimi

mezba said...

Single muslimah: thanx for the wishes. iA if I am back I hope to see you here.

Yawar: thank you. how long are you prepared to have me on google reader? ;-)

Samosa: sacred ground indeed! alright sister, now I read et tu?

AKA: I look forward to that blog meet you promised.

Sumera: hehe... movie reviews lol!

Mimi: thank you. Hope everything is going well with you.

Yawar said...

Pretty long time -- I'm a hard-core user of GReader!

Shoaib Muhammad said...

Leaving so soon, the party just began!! Good luck, but I agree with Samosa, this brother will be back very soon with innovative and hilarious ideas. :)

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Just came across this

Rezwan said...

Will miss your writings. However wishing that your heart will be again craving to rant. Till then enjoy your life. Keep smiling....

Samiha Esha said...

That's called writer's Block. But Mezba Bhaia I hope someday You will again feel to write soon :) So my wishes there for your coming back :)

Take a break, and enjoy with Kitkat But don't forget to come back :)

And don't say Bye...ONly Say Hi :) he he...:)

Samiha Esha.

Azmaaish said...

After following your words for so long, I am so sorry to see you go..

Keep in touch, and we always have fb :)

mezba said...

Yawar: alright, see you after Eid.

Shoaib: thank you.

Sf: lol I was there at the JFL on the second day - along with Isheeta. Boy did it suck!

Rezwan: thank you, I will try to.

Samiha: thank you, and yes I do plan on enjoying the Kit Kat.

Azmaaish: thanxs, but you are..?

Salacious Samosa said...

Well I 'tried' to stop glogging agian... HA HA HA HA...

It's hilarious how long that lasted! AAAAAAAAH HAHAHAHAHA

Sister Samosa

mezba said...

Samosa: glad to see you quit quitting! hehehe

btw why do I keep coming back to this post? ego ego... sigh... I guess I have to 'quit' my break too.

sonia said...

bye Mezba! will miss your writing - you are very funny and hope you come back soon refreshed

sonia said...

i too have met many lovely people through your blog so thank you!

mezba said...

Sonia: thanx. I think I will be back sooner than I thought.