Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Crappy Tire

I recently needed to buy a bike rack for my car. With the onset of summer, I have been actively biking around a lot lately, and Toronto is a great city for scenic bike trails. With this intent, I went to Canadian Tire.

The store near our place was being renovated, so the usual organization of stuff was lost. I went to the "Bikes" section and could not see the rack. Then I went to the "Auto" section. Similar results. No rack.

After searching helplessly for a few minutes,I flagged down one sales lady.

"Excuse me," I asked her, fully oblivious to what I was saying, "Do you have a rack?"

It took a full minute before I understood why the buxom lady was giving me the look. A minute during which I repeated, "A RACK! Do you have a RACK?" and then gestured with my hands for good effect.


Ex-Squeeze me, lady?


Aisha said...

LOL :)

It reminds me of my dad when he went to the grocery store Publix and walked up to the stock boy "Excuse me, I need dates" and the guy says what??? and my dad says, "yes where I can find dates?"


Luckily it was cleared up :0)

mezba said...

I was lucky I got by without a slap. I really thought she was SLOW and had gestured furiously.

"A RACK! This big, and THIS angled shape, and THIS... oh... a bike rack!"

"Ah!" Her eyes lit up, and she, seeing I was desi, had pointed to the ones on sale.

mezba said...

hehe, Aisha... we all need dates for Ramadan!

mystic-soul said...

And what about 'rubber' to erase our mistakes ?

'liya said...

LOL awww poor you!


Anonymous said...

I spent last five minutes looking for the "other" meaning for rack, and didn't get me anywhere, they had NINE meanings, none of them was anything that would help me understand your blog post.
Urban Dictionary helped. Dang, now I can't ever say the word anymore. Thanks to you! :P
I will shoot you! HAHA


a Muslim said...


LOL. I'm not into music/movies stuff, but ain't that Jessica Simpson?

Anonymous said...

This is way funny,once when my mom came to visit,my oldest was about 6 months old and we were sitting outside and a cat passed by(my neighbour's),so my mom goes" Hey pussssyyyyy", and she was trying to show my baby the cat, looooooool, I almost choked on whatever I was eating. I quietly explained to her that it was not *nice* to say that but since she is so stubborn,she just said " back home we all call cats that!!" sf

mousehunter said...

LOL, hilarious!! sf...too funny too...hahaha. That reminds me of Ver 1, when we bought him his first jigsaw puzzle, he couldn't say "puzzle" he would that infamous word...hehe. I'll leave the sentences he said up to your imagination.

Ahmed said...

haha, thats hilarious. But at least you figured it out and said bike rack before she got upset.

Anonymous said...

the worse of em all is when you say, "He's happy and Gay"... one of the umpteen uncles I know recently said that. Even though he meant no harm and referred to GAY as being MERRY, it sure would raise some eyebrows if said in a multicultural social circle setting... :)


Athena said...


singlemuslimah said...

You are so lucky you walked away from that without a slap.

mezba said...

Mystic-soul: haha there was a scene in the movie American Desi with that situation.

Liya: thank God for "escape to being a Fob" moments.

Squarecut: don't say my blog isn't educational! At least it gave you a lift for the day!

A Muslim: yes it is. `|-

Sf, mousehunter: LOL. Ya I always get into uncontrollable burst of laughter when back in b'desh instead of going here kitty kitty kitty they go here pussy where are you.. nice pussy.. come get your food.

Ahmed: I think she didn't know what to do! Was I being a smart ass or being one of these new immigrants that say something while meaning something else! The look on her face was priceless.

Behbood: Ya, gay too!

Athena: hehe

Singlemuslimah: no kidding, eh?

Shoaib Muhammad said...

LOL...words can sometime take us inner places we've not wanted to travel, especially @ Canadian Tire...:)

aliana said...

lol, funny however you do not need o add the visual. Now I will have to tell Haleem (if he shows up) to lower his gaze. That goes you too Mezba!

AKA said...

LOL poor you! That would be such a funny, albeit embarrassing, situation to be in. I'm sure that lady was waiting to decide how exactly to kick you out the store :P

The Egg said...

Good ones! Dates...hehehe.

mezba said...

Shoaib: lol I am not even going to analyze your comment - it sounds full of double meanings!

Aliana: I thought that directive was only incumbent on him!

AKA: exactly! I could picture what she was thinking "u dirty foreigner coming ..."

The egg: I love ur avatar!

aliana said...

You are right Mezba. It 'was' only incumbent on him. I am not expanding my powers to police the Candiansphere. hehe