Tuesday, May 22, 2007

7 Random Facts Meme

Suroor tagged me here. She wants to know 7 random facts about me.

1. My favourite comic book character is not Spiderman or Superman, but Tintin the reporter.

2. I love Matchbox cars. I love collecting them. So far I have more than 50 of those models and have to hide the collection whenever kids visit the house.

3. If I go on a road trip with my friends and I am not driving, I can NOT go to sleep. I would be consumed by the fear of the incompetence of the current driver. What if he crashes? If I get hit, I won't even KNOW if I am sleeping.

4. At one time, I simultaneously had a pair of lovebirds, a 90 gallon aquarium full of tropical fish, a cat and a hamster in the house.

5. I still have a MacGyver poster on my closet door. So what, he was the best.

6. I am fascinated by the concept of time travel. I think it's possible, but one can only be an observer, not an active actor.

7. Photography is my hobby and I print almost every picture I take. People have a collection of DVDs. I have a collection of albums.


Aisha said...

I am the SAME WAY about #3!!! LOL, Kashif always gets annoyed b/c Ill be half camatose but my eyes will remain open!!! I Want to keep the driver company so they wont fall asleep at the wheel, and to continue my backseat driver tendencies :)

AKA said...

Well, for #3, you won't technically be able to prevent a crash right? I'd stay up to keep them company (if everyone else asleep), but likely would be the driver.

#7 goes for me too!

Athena said...

-I love tintin too :D. But come on, Cap'n Haddock rocks hehe.

- my mom used to collect matchbox cars. she still has her collection back home and we aren't allowed to touch them :P

- "...and I am not driving, I can NOT go to sleep"

As opposed to when you are driving you can fall asleep? Yikes!

- Hehe macgyver. He was my first crush ever heehee. My parents can tease me as much as they want about SRK or any other celeb crush since then and it doesn't matter but I get sooooo embarrassed if I'm teased about McG. Mom even bought me 2 posters of him back then and I kept them in a drawer because I was so shy.

Suroor said...

I'm a time travel person myself! Nice! Thanks, M.

Anonymous said...

TINTIN!!!I used to read those books too!Are they still *around*???sf

Maliha said...

Tintin rocks! :)

mousehunter said...

#2 i love them too but never got into collecting them.

#3...hmm, maybe that's a good thing. Shaz dozes off, and then wakes up, take one look at the road and freaks out thinking we're gonna crash, especially if the person in front is braking.

McGyver rocks!

'liya said...

Because of #7 I vote you put more pictures up! :)

a Muslim said...

join the club @ 3.

singlemuslimah said...

Am I the only person that doesn't know who Tintin is?

My brother used to LOVE Matchbox cars. Unfortunately he was really bad at putting them away so someone would always trip over them.

MacGyver was pretty cool.

I love photoraphy. I keep wanting to take it up as a real hobby but I want a better camera.

Em said...


Blistering barnacles! Singlemuslimah, I propose you make a trip to your local library RIGHT NOW and check out a Tintin... I actually re-read all 13 that my library has just last spring break hehe.

MacGyver poster on your closet door, Mez? Must be a collector's item by now.