Sunday, May 27, 2007

At the Desifest 2007

  • If you don't know the lyrics to a Punjabi song, just shout, at every 5 seconds interval, "Oye HOYE!" and you'll be with it. For additional effect, add a "Harippa" every now and then.

  • Similarly, if you don't know how to dance to the bhangra, simply raise your hand. No wonder Sikhs are such smart people, present everywhere. Their national dance is "Present, teacher".

    (Check out the front row.)

  • If you are Bengali, don't expect any Bengali item on the itinery. Desi = Indian = Punjabi = Bhangra as far as anyone is concerned. Meanwhile, buy the t-shirt 'Bang a Bangladeshi'.

  • If you are a white guy, PLEASE don't dance the bhangra. Or move to the dhol. Or do ANY SORT of dance. People might clap at you, but we still think you are crazy.

    White Dude Dancing.

  • Guess what Nowal's favourite chocolate is.

    (A: It's Cadbury.)

  • Samosa and Isheeta run into me. I point them to this sign.

    No Samosa For You

  • Apparently, I am not a true desi if I don't like eating bhutta (roasted corn). Now you tell me, does this look appetizing?

    Like yours well done?

    Meanwhile, going back to our white dancer friend:

    Click here if the plugin (above) is not visible, or for a larger version.

    Salacious Samosa said...

    Mezba, just cause they didn't advertise, that doesn't mean they weren't selling samosas... Everyone knows Samosas and Isheetas are the best company!

    We love you, you're hilarious.


    mousehunter said... true.

    Oh and dancing...we used to describe it as screwing in a lightbulb (at least for the ladies anyways)

    The white dude....that's awesome...haha...LMAO

    Athena said...

    I dropped by desi fest for about 15-20 minutes. Their 'fusion' music (as they guy explained) was quite terrible.

    The crowd looked good though :D

    Anonymous said...

    I just left a comment @ SS and I didn't know about Desifest,we usually *drop by* before the kids get *pissed*! Hehehehe, the white guy,that was hilarious! He seemed to be having fun too! There is Luminato festival starting in June,check it out,sounds wonderful too! The *screwing the lightbulb and patting the dog(?) dance is very popular!!!* :) sf

    'liya said...

    "Their national dance is "Present, teacher"." LOL

    You say my blog is funny? Yours is much more! :D

    mezba said...

    SS: Samosa has always been a favourite dish of mine. I love it when it has meat in it. Vegetarian Samosas I am afraid I am not a big fan of.

    Mousehunter: Screw in the light bulb and turn the door knob. hehe. Harippa!

    Athena: The DJ battle wasn't too good - that's when you must have come in. Crowd was awesome, particularly near the end (Josh/Bills).

    Sf: You should DEFINITELY have been there. I will check out Luminato (sounds fun).

    Liya: thank you! Now I have a teacher's recommendation lol

    staufiq said...

    was i the only one who was embarrassed for the white guy there? he was too random.

    mezba said...

    staufiq, he was a crowd pleaser!