Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Just In Time Report

A big, important decision awaited me.

I was on Bloor Street, approaching the Don Valley Parkway exit. Do I take it, or continue along Bloor Street and use another local road to get to my destination. I had to make up my mind quickly; the exit was fast approaching. I quickly reached for the dial and turned on the radio to 680.

Yes! It was 5.41, and they have traffic reports on the 1s. Quick!

"This is 680 news with Paul Cook and Lisa Brandt .."

Yes, yes! I know, get to the point!

"... with traffic and weather on the 1s, we bring you the latest..."

Oh my God! I could almost see the exit now.

"And now we have the traffic report, brought to you by Pizza Pizza ..."

Can you give me the damn report already?

"... Pizza Pizza, where we now have our 2-for-1 special. Buy one medium size pizza and get another one of equal or less value at no extra charge!"

Oh how good! Pizza! Will you give me the @#$! traffic already?

".. and now here is Darryl Dommer.."

I was at the exit. Do I really need to know WHO is giving me my traffic report?

"... and the Don Valley Parkway is moving smoothly..."

Ah yes! Just in time, thank God! Confident that I would be able to make it in time for Smallville, I took the exit. I was now on the Don Valley Parkway, which, as he promised, should be moving smoothly. The traffic reporterer however, wasn't finished.

"... Parkway is moving smoothly, till the Bloor viaduct from where it's heavy, bumper-to-bumper, to the 401 ..."

As the long line of cars stretched ahead of me, their bumpers glistening in the sunlight, I contemplated whether Pizza Pizza delivered to cars stuck on the Parkway. Damn you 680 news commercial plugs.

*shakes fist*


isheeta said...

hahahahhaaha! oh gosh, that was reminiscent of a cartoon show!

sorry dude, one person's misery is another person's comedy!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm PIZZA!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha.... a classic moment... when did u reach ur destination? and yea, u shoulda called Pizza Pizza and ordered a pizza on the DVP... and when the answer on the other end would have been negative, then you should have yelled...


mystic-soul said...

With my frequent visits to Toronto, I learned not to trust 3 things in Toronto !!

Weather in March,

Woman in car,

and Don Valey Patkway.

Salacious Samosa said...

This is why Mezba, you need some good quality music to keep you entertained on long drives.

Come, when are we brainstorming a collection of new music for you to listen to?

Aunty S

Shabina said...

is pizza pizza like little caesers?

no worries, smallville was a rerun! :p

shaz said...


mezba said...

Isheeta: no problem laugh away! I will get you back on your blog.

Ruby: I am still awaiting the cupcakes.

Behbood: I did order Pizza Pizza by phone a few times, and almost always got a Bengali guy.. must be some kind of record.

Mystic: hahahahahaha. omg that is a great comment. roflmao...lol.

Samosa: my music stock is depleted these days :-( I need Aunty's help. I will fbook you!

Shabina: Don't know what Little Caeser's is, but it's a place that you can order pizza for delivery.

Thank God abt Smallville.

Shaz: *grin*

mousehunter said...

Ahh the DVP. In case you are ever wondering to take it or not remmeber this, I call it the Don Valley Parking-lot. Since I work overlooking it, the only REAL time i've seen it moving well is between 10pm - 6am. Even at 2 or 3 in the morning there is a fair bit of traffic on the road.

Luckily it was a repeat.

'liya said...

1010 is way cooler :D

M&M said...

680 news still rocks tho

Anonymous said...

Hehehe,I know that exit, used to be ours,ie Bloor. I don't like DVP or the gardner when its slow. :( sf

mezba said...

Mousehunter: the Parking lot. lol. Ya I heard it too. Right now it's busy till even 7 pm or 8 pm on weekdays. Unbelievable. The only reason people take it is that the local roads are smaller, narrower and the lights make it impossible to speed.

Liya: John Moore is one of the best.

M&M: Usually I alternate between 680 and 1010.

sf: I don't like DVP or the gardner when its slow. That means you don't like it at all, as it's always slow! :-D