Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Random Snippets

Dear Diary,

I made a conscious decision to go for The Namesake when all of my mates were going for The 300. I don't regret my decision - it was a good movie. I don't know - something about The 300 just didn't attract me. If I wanted to see images of men being gutted or killed I would just switch on the tube to watch the latest news from Iraq. And marvel that there are Americans still dumb enough to justify this war. And also that there are dumb Canadians that support those dumb Americans.
* * *

A friend called me the other day.

"Hey, there?"

"Yes," I replied, even though I was busy at work.

"Ok, hold on for a minute, will you?"

What the..! YOU called me, and YOU put me on Hold? Well then... click!
* * *

And there there is the one guy who messaged me while at work.


"Here." I hit my reply, even though I was busy.

"What do you think of Pakistan's batting?" He asked.

And so I gave a detailed response analyzing why Pakistan's batting sucked. He digested all of this with a "hmm."

And then "brb".

You don't 'brb' me! I am the one at work, you are the one who's at home enjoying a "sick" day because you wanted to watch the game, and you 'brb' me?!!!

I see your 'brb', and raise you 'brb, boss here, server crashed'.

Although if you are my MSN friend you will keep wondering why my server keeps crashing all the time. Rest assured, it doesn't. I just didn't want to talk to you.
* * *

Cricket world cup started today. It sucked that I couldn't watch it. And it also didn't help when my kid brother, home on March break, called me up every time there was a six.

"bhaiyya! Did you see that six? It was huuuuuuge....."

On the plus side I played cricket today, that too at night. I cannot believe I am outside in double digit warm weather, playing cricket at 9 pm in March, in Canada!
* * *

For Bridge players.

It's the last hand. My partner and I need a game call to win. And what cards do I get dealt?



AKA said...

I read The Namesake and can't wait to see the movie adaptation of it. I'm not completely adverse to violent movies, but the over the top 300 just doesnt appeal to me, but so many have already seen it!

And I'll have to try that 'server crash' excuse next time I get into one of those situations...I end up just ignoring the person if and when they message me again after a long interval!

Suroor said...

You are adorable and precious! I loved the snippets!

squarecut said...

I got to watch the first match of the World Cup, and yes it was live, and yes it was for free. Thanks to the internet.

I hated Pakis batting. Bunch of idiots, wasting my time. I don't think it's a good idea to be rooting for the Pakis too much. They ain't showing much magic. They were really pathetic.

The West Indies played really well, though. It was kind of beyond my expectation.

Oh well, wait till Saturday for BD match.

Anonymous said...

Canadians following americans, hmm, dumb and dumber????
Ahh,the weather, it's glorious, I have been sick since sunday but had to take baby for her shots and it did wonders for all of us! :)
About cricket *bangs head, again!*.
I would like to go and see The Namesake, maybe at the rainbow theatre(for babies n mommies).K, next time you write about "server crash", I would think you are back "home",coz that's what keeps on happening when you chat back home. sf

'liya said...

Mezba, I've been dying to see The Namesake! it didn't get very good reviews though, but I don't care! I'm probably going to see it this weekend (although I said that last weekend too *sigh*) .. V wants to see 300 :S

And it was beautiful outside yesterday yay!

Nowal said...

Oh dear god,

A boy who writes in his DIARY and chooses to watch The Namesake instead of 300....
What mezb? you steal the major share of the femininity that God was doling out in his factory leaving us future girl babies with nothing but tomboyish attributes? even if you are girly, do you have to be so public about it? (hehe!)

anyways, as soon as exams end, nowal's going to go watch THIS IS SSPPPPPAAAAAARRRRTTTTTTAAAAAAA!

-- Nowaaalllllll!

Anonymous said...

If you so much as THINK of telling me you're in the midst of a server crash....

Anonymous said...

i dont think ANYONE should see 300. it is a blatant attempt of propaganda , and i for one refuse to pour money into their pockets. and yes, i know it is fictional.. but your avergae joe isnt the brightest of people... he wil think: ye lets attack these barbarious butt ugly pierced leather wearing bisexual iranians now! not to mention this film is ruining the history of a proud people. its disgusting.

sonia said...

So what was the Namesake like then? anything like the book? do the characters come to life? i'd love to see it when it's out here.

is kal penn like - the onlydesi actor in town? ! i was fond of him in that ol' classic American Desi which is just about my favourite movie - ever - but he seems to have some sort of monopoly now..

mezba said...

Aka: It's a pity that over 300 movie theatres will show The 300 and only one or two will show a quality movie like The Namesake. I don't like Kal Penn though.

Suroor: Thank you :-D

Squarecut: They showed a couple of games here and then poof!

I want West Indies to reach the semis. Of course I want Bangladesh to win it! But if they reach the second round I will be happy.

Sf: haha sometimes when I am handed the phone to talk to someone I don't like the reception *may* go bad!

Liya: Please obey V.

Nowal: Let me see now. The 300 - attended by testosterone driven guys and bored girl friends all eager to watch a little bit of gore.

Meanwhile, at the Namesake, there's like me and this other older guy, and the rest ALL A BUNCH OF GIRLS with their friends, watching Kal Penn swear and go 'awwww..' and then they need a shoulder to cry on.

Ahem! You do the math about who's girly and who's smart ;-)

Of course such logic is beyond farm girls....

Ruby: It was daylight savings time patch, honest!

Sonia: It was ok, good movie, made you think but predictable. Not a let down though.

singlemuslimah said...

I hate when people call or AIM me and then put me on hold. It's like, hello? You contacted me.

M&M said...

server crash eh, lol polite and smart way to get out of a conversation. niceee

cricket.. seems to be gettin exciting, what are the chances of a tie in the worldcup:O.

Nowal said...

hey, best of luck tonight =)

Karim said...

On a sad note... I saw the two C words 'Cricket' and 'Crash' on this page.

Manjural Islam, who played six Tests and 25 ODIs for Bangladesh between 2003-04 and 2005-06, has been killed in a road accident. He was 22 and, as such, he has become the youngest Test cricketer to die.

frenchita said...


I too get phone calls, and have to wait for like a min, so the lady on the other end can stop screaming at her kids, lol.
btw I'm sorry for the comment at Aisha' blog..I have a feeling you didn't like it..

Athena said...




my indian friends are avoiding my call. those shoitans hahahahahha

'liya said...

I managed to see The Namesake yesterday! So no, I didn't "obey" him :D

koonj said...

your cricket-brb friend is probably using your analysis to impress a colleague :) you should really copyright it. Or put a time delay on usage of your batting analysis.

thanks for the link to the sufi festival. i might post it on my blog if you won't.