Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ice Car and the Legends of Cricket

Woke up on Friday and discovered that my car was buried under an inch-thick layer of ice. Whereas I thought I had to brush off snow, I now had to scrape and hammer the ice away (even had to resort to pouring hot water on it).

Here's a view of the ice from inside the car.

On Saturday went to the Legends of Cricket game at the Roger's Centre. Despite being billed as a friendly game of cricket between former stars of the game, an India vs Pakistan game is always intense.

Pakistan collapsed to 109 all out off 35 overs. India finished on 114/3 off 17 overs.

I leave you with a panaromic view of the stadium. It's the first time I managed to shoot a panaromic picture with some success.


Anonymous said...

your icy car's pix reminds me my Colorado life. I think I kind of miss that "scarping off the ice" part of my life, which would give me a very valid reason to "miss" my first class, no matter how late in the day that may be. However, what I don't miss is driving on the icy roads. In case you are wondering what the heck I am talking about... it's just that I moved out of CO and got myslef in a region where parking alone would cost me $225/month, so decided not to bring my car along :(

OK, i can't believe Pakistan humiliated her fans like this.

Does anyone know how to watch the WC games for free on the internet?

(Other than that very annoying yahoo cricket, which only gives us the score)

I just realized why I am writing this long comment! I got an exam tomorrow... no wonder

Anonymous said...

Soooooooooo....... who won?

Sorry, I dont understand how it works. :)

'liya said...

I agree with Isheeta! One of my students was asking me about cricket the other day and I said "oh that's the game that's like baseball but on the floor right?" my student was so upset he almost started crying! OKay, I exaggerate! But still, he was very upset lol.

Your panoramic picture is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow...You have really an excellent Template for your blog...its looking really great...and hmm seems snow white moving everywhere beside you he he...okaay take care..keep blogging...Bye...:)

Em said...

I was going to say *gasp*hot water on car*gasp, when I realized it's "hot" water, not boiling water :).

Yay for the panorama shot!

Sabrina, has live ball-by-ball updating, with ball-by-ball commentary. One head-up though: if it doesn't update for about 5 minutes, it's a howzzat... If anyone knows a better site, please don't be selfish :).

mezba said...

Sabrina: Oh boy and I miss summer. I also miss the warm January that we had, winter seems to be back with a vengeance!

Ah, you were supporting Pakistan! Go study now. :-D

Isheeta: Pakistan lost. India thrashed them.

Liya: Oh no. We have to work with you girls. Knowing about cricket is a primary talent for desi girls. For example, now you know that the proper time to talk to a man when he is watching a cricket game is in between overs, when they will be showing a commercial break.

Unless they have Mandira Bedi on.

Samiha: Thanx. I blog when something grabs my fancy. Or I think of something really funny to share. Lately nothing.

Em: Oh you are so right about that howzzat trivia. I think my 'F5' (refresh) button is worn out from all the cricket games I followed on cricinfo!

Anonymous said...

re: mandira bedi.

sorry, I always see her when I'm flippin thru some show or the other.. and I dont see whats the big deal with her. Maybe its a girl thing, but she just looks like she's trying too hard. its embarassing to watch! She's just not attractive in that respect at all, boobies or no boobies. In fact, most of these hostessess in indian game shows look like theyre trying too hard and full of hot air with no talent.. in their noodle strap bras and see-thru saris or club gear. meanwhile the guy host will be very average looking, dressed in anything thats not harry rosen, and more watchable and his boobs will not be the focus of the show.

Huda said...

The panoramic feature on cameras is so awesome. Your shot is beautiful.

As for your ice car... I see it and once again think I could never live in the freezing north. Today I think we were in the mid-sixties, and I was cold!

Anonymous said...

no no..never put hot water on the windows of the of my co-worker did it on his windshield of his 2006 mustang and guess what happened? his windshield cracked... so, scrapping would be a better idea...i agree, its not a good solution, but its better than having to spend $500+ to get a new windshield.

i recently saw someone on facebook who created a group for WC with an advertisement regarding viewing matches. Pay $15 and watch all games live on the net with live streaming.
*i dont know how much truth is attached to it, but if anyone also finds out anything, then let me know*


Anonymous said...

the 2nd pic looks oh so coool

'liya said...

Is it just me or does Mandera Bedi looks like Nelly Furtado...


Anonymous said...

Just got back!!! Alhumdulillah my other car was in the garage. But my drive ways and front steps are in a severe state of affairs. I tried to shovel the steps, but didnt' get too far. Need to buys bags and bags of salt to finish it off. I was hoping the weather would warm up and help me out, but looks like its getting colder this week!

Anonymous said...

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GOD BLESS YA ALL! Good bye to reloading these stupid score cards!

singlemuslimah said...

NEVER pour hot water onto your car. I did that once and the automatic windows no longer worked.

mezba said...

Isheeta: Re: mandira bedi.

It must be a girl thing, that's all I can say :-P

Though to me she does look like an airheaded bimbo. But still ...

Huda: Thanx. I was just so glad it came out the way it did.

Behbood: Regarding the hot water, NOW you tell me. I will be looking very carefully at my windshield for the next few days.

Piniyini: Thanx.

Liya: Hmm I do see some resemblance but Nelly is way hotter.

Sabrina: Thanx yaar for sharing that link!

Single muslimah: uh oh.

Anonymous said...

Hot and cold don't mix,as many pple have already told you!Today is freezing @#$% cold!!!!I couldn't even feel my face. sf

Em said...

We (Bangladesh) just beat the same NZ that annihilated Australia, by 2 wickets no less.

Ami banglar gaan gai... I'm too emotional for words!

Sabrina, dhonnobad for the link!! It is legal though, isn't it??

Anonymous said...

India "thrashed" them? Only because they managed to make more runs in half the overs... hmph, its not like we can't do any better... i mean, we're... really, like good and stuff...

Thank God I didn't watch the game.

Mandira looks good in that pic, still no reason to miss the cricket.

Anonymous said...

i forgot to add, i can't believe your whole car was frozen! can you not keep it inside the garage? gosh, I hope you found your cat from the other day...

Aisha said...

I am SO glad I no longer live in Michigan. Thanks for the reminder :)