Tuesday, August 29, 2006

List of GTA Bengali Bloggers

On her blog the other day, Nowal asked me if I knew of any other Bengali bloggers in and around the Greater Toronto Area (the Center Of The Universe). I thought it would be a nice time to introduce some of the blog talent that I know of. Here, in no particular order, are a few Bengali-Canadian blogs. A few I know personally, others through their blogs.

First up, we have Akankhito. She is from the Toronto area and is a talented musician, trained in the sitar and the like. Has a great voice too.

Next we have Nowal of Baby Brown Tales. She is from K-town, as she calls Kingston (I would make the honourary Toronto diss about Kingston but the blogger is a nice lady so I won't).

Up next is the Bengali Fob. She keeps her identity secret, but did promise to laugh secretly if she ever ran into other bloggers at a party. It's always good to make girls laugh. Unless they are laughing at you, ofcourse.

Next up is Tasnuva of A Sunshine Two Brief. She was formerly of Hamilton formerly of Toronto and presently headed towards Vancouver. She is most famous for her Samosa for the Arranged Souls posts (for links visit her site).

Following on, we have S, who suffered from a toothache recently. My condolences. We also have the self-described 'antisocial hermit' at Insert Clever Title Here.

Turning to guys, we do have Arnab at A wave of Alternative Mandate. He was a fellow Libblogger who unfortunately hasn't updated his web page since June 10. Perhaps an Argentina supporter, still in shock?

If you are a GTA (or even Canadian) blogger of Bengali origin, and you do maintain a blog, comment below and I will update the post. As a reminder, Blog Day is coming up shortly. Here's my Blog Day post from last year, and I plan to do a similar one this year.



Rajputro said...

The concept of blogday is cool. Thanks for letting us know about it.
Umm there was a blogger from canada, but she decided to shut her blog down.
auditio.blogspot.com was the url

Nice listing btw.

NAB said...

this is pretty hilarious. I was just about to ask you to make a list and post it in your blog. You beat me to it =)

Ek Umeed said...

That is a really nice concept. To be honest, the only two blogs that I read are yours and Aisha's. With little time and more work than I can handle, I am still getting to be familiar with the blogging community. So, I cannot recommend any five bloggers on my blog just yet. In fact, it is only recently that I have even started posting written material on my blog. But Insha-Allah, sometime in the future, I too shall participate in recommending five blogs. Adieu.

mezba said...

Raj: Yes, I used to read auditio when she was there. The concept of privacy is something that makes me wish I started to blog anonymously, could say a lot more then.

Nowal: Great minds think alike sister!

Ek Umeed: Reading blogs is addictive. Fortunately I have firefox RSS feeds to get me the latest updates on my favs. I look forward to your posts.

The Bengali Fob said...

You know, Mezba, you could blog anonymously! Make a cool name for yourself. Hehe! Like I'm the Bengali fob. I don't remember how I decided to use that... Anyway, you must something too.

mezba said...

Bfob: I was halfway to that step when I realized my url has the name too! Can't change that now.. too many links.

Anonymous said...

Hi there.......enjoyed reading your blog.... :-)

I am also a Bengali living in Chicago and would like to share mine with you. I call it my online journal... :D

I would appreciate it if you visit mine.



mezba said...

Anon: what's your name?

Thanks for visiting.