Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Blog Day

Thanks to Rezwan, I found out that 31/08 is officially described as Blog Day.

31/08 = 3 1 o 8 = Blog

The idea is simple, promote 5 different blogs, to help in spreading new ideas, cultures and opinions. So without further ado, here’s five blogs I regularly read, and can recommend:

  • 3rd World View: Posted by a Bangladeshi from Dhaka, this blog deals with Bangladesh related matters. The postings are intelligent, articulate, and often contains lots of links and references.

    How I discovered it: I was googling for fishing, and found out that he has linked to my blog on my thoughts about cruel fishing.

  • Dear Leader's Daily Thoughts: George Bush’s Blog. Enough said already.

  • Daily Dose Of Imagery: A photoblog of (mostly) Toronto. I never knew everyday mundane Toronto could be so photographically interesting. All those whose hobbies include photography will enjoy this site - it’s strictly for shutterbugs.

  • I Would Rather Be A Kitty: Blog by the wife of an American soldier. Contains interesting viewpoints of American life from her viewpoint. Her article dealing with Cindy Sheehan, entitled Homefront Warriors, is one of the best I have read on this topic.

  • A Big Stick And A Small Carrot: A British political blogger, with witty and insightful opposition to many of Blair's misguided politics in the Middle East, and an ardent critic of the Iraq War.

There's lots of other blogs and links I regularly visit, will post links some other time.

1 comment:

Rezwan said...

Hi Mezba,

Thanks for the plug.

I like your well articulated writings too!

I have got to make some time to update my list of Bangladeshi blogs. There were many added in my rss reader recently.