Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The F Word

I was on the bus, on my way back from work. As I stood clutching the handrail, keeping my eyes sharp for any seated passenger making a motion to get up (and thus provide me a seat), one guy standing next to me took out his cellphone, punched a number in and started to talk.

Well, jovial yell would be more like it. What is it with people on buses on their cellphones? Do they think the guy on the other end has developed a sudden temporary hard-of-hearing disease?

However, rather than his volume, it was his conversation that was most interesting.

"Dude, it was f***ing awesome. We went to the f***ing place at f***ing 7 and it was f***ing packed!. The f***ing parking was near f***ing full. We had to f***ing on the f***ing roof. Ya man! But I tell you - the f***ing concert? F***ing awesome!"

I gather he was talking about some concert he had attended recently. But what's with the f-word?

Listening to this guy go on, using the f-word in between every other word, I got giddy. This guy took swearing to an art form.

The f-word as a verb 'I don't give a f*** to what she thought!', adverb 'that is so unf***ing believable!' to an interjection (I had to look that up) 'F***! That was my stop!'

He got my award for using the f-word in as many versatile ways in one conversation as possible. I just have one question for these types of guys though.

Why do you f***ing do it? Do you think it makes you more macho? Do you think it makes you more attractive to women [if your taste is drunk gothic biker chicks I can understand]? Or, do you think it makes you more 'Canadian'?

'Coz when South Asian guys do it [that's right, the guy was brown] it just looks wrong.



Aisha said...

LOL. That's funny. It doesnt matter what color you are, subjecting the public to profanity in a confined space where they cannot avoid it is rude. Your rights end when mine begin and all that...

Maliha said...

that last line was hilarious!

i had in mind the punk kinda looking white boy...but that's just classic:p

The Bengali Fob said...

Yep. I fell for it like everyone. White boy with gothic look and all came up in my head.

koonj said...

It's nasty. But somehow cuss words in "my own" language sound dirtier to me. So when I land in Lahore Airport and the guys next to me are having a casual chat in Punjabi with "mother-f*****" and "sister-******" thrown in casually, it feels like a violation of public space.

One of the great things about my husband is (mashaallah) that he doesn't use cuss-words, though he's a White guy from a poor-ish family.