Thursday, October 27, 2005

Windsor Teacher On Trial

This is such an unusual news article that I could not resist blogging about it. From the Star,

"From praising Osama bin Laden and calling the Holocaust an "exaggeration" to telling students he'd like to have sex with their mothers, a former Windsor-area high school teacher is accused of having broken just about every taboo of civil conduct - in class or out."

William Fabel's outrageous statements include:

  • To a female Grade 10 student, Fabel said: "I was looking at Playboy magazine and saw someone who looked just like you."
  • After the Columbine shooting, he entered the class pretending to be a gunman, causing students to cower under their desks.
  • To the mother of two students at the start of a parent-teacher interview, he asked: "Who do you want to talk about first? Dumb or Dumber?"
  • He told one student his mother was a "M.I.L.F." - meaning a "mother I'd like to f---."
  • To his class: "I'm a leg man; I have cameras hidden under all the girls' desks!"
  • To a Catholic: "Your religion's stupid. That nun isn't getting any!"
  • He spoke about his own sexual activities and offered tips to male students on "how to get into girls' pants."

And these are just a sample of his overall 'quotes'.

Fabel got a teaching certificate and degree from University of Toronto in 1988. My question is, how did he pass the 2 years needed for certificate, which included a 1 year teaching practical? Did he keep his mouth shut while he did his certificate? Or was his comments less offensive then as diversity was less in Toronto then?

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