Friday, October 07, 2005


I have never been a part of the cellphone brigade.

Recently, I had to order a new cellphone to replace my older one. The only reason I chose to do so was because the older one would suddenly stop working.

Our cellphone company has recently decided to use voice-activated technology. I preferred the older touch-tone system. Now your co-workers will be mystified as you dial a number, wait for sometime, and then start sprouting excerpts like "English", "Toronto", "Cellphones", "New Phones", "You moronic goobstopper just get me to a live real person."

The last comment was met with, "I am sorry but I could not pick that. Your comment has been stored and will be analyzed later to help us improve our system."


Then Sue came online. Well she was probably Suneeta but we will let that go. She had a nice voice.

"How can I help you, sir?"

"Well, I need to order a new phone. The older one is not working properly."

"Certainly, sir. May I ask what do you do mostly with your phone?"

At the point I was a bit puzzled.

"Um, talk. You know, to other people."

"Oh no, sir. I mean do you play games, play MP3 music, surf the net, capture photographs, text message or record videos? We also have newer devices that let you take dictation, as well as use it as an USB storage device."


It's amazing what one could get in a cellphone today. After talking with Suneeta Sue I went to their website to check out the phones. They even have $3000 phones with ALL those features in one.

It wasn't too long ago I took my first phone. 6 years ago, when I bought my first car. I needed it in case the car broke down on me, as it was a very old car. At that time the phone was the latest, and it was huge, with only two features, 1) excellent network capability anywhere and 2) Twelve ringtones. I could talk from almost anywhere. Nowadays cellphones are crammed with the latest gizmos yet many don't seem to work in basements with wafer-thin walls. And cellphone companies use unfair practices to lock you into using their product for years.

I just have one question though.

It took decades for governments to respond to early warnings about tobacco, asbestos and radiation. Cellphones are a relatively new technology that is growing forward in quantum leaps. Should we have similar concerns about these popular devices? Has anyone figured out what the effects of having 1 gigabyte of data stored near the bottom of your body with constant wireless signals coming to and from it? With the recent introduction of cellphone for kids who have lower immune resistance to diseases, who is doing the research? Does it bother or alarm you that the only entities conducting studies into harmful effects of cellphone technology are cellphone companies themselves?


Shabina said...

salams, ya know, i HAVE read about mice getting tumors or something after being exposed to cellphone radiation...and my head DOES start buzzing after i talk on the phone for too many hours. we're screwed, all of us.
Ramadan Mubarak :)

mezba said...

Ramadan Mubarak to you too.

Ya, I just want some more studies done into cellphones. Gov have no regulations for them yet.

Just heard about the killer quake in Pakistan. Prayers are with everyone there.