Friday, October 07, 2005

Iftar on 2nd Ramadan

Iftar 2nd day of Ramadan - Picture 1

Iftar 2nd day of Ramadan - Picture 2

Iftar refers to the evening fast-breaking meal during the Islamic month of Ramadan. We get up early in the morning before dawn and eat a meal called Suhur. The whole day is then spent fasting, till sunset, when Iftar is taken.

Fasting reminds one of the plight of the genuinely hungry. It also teaches us about will power, as we are encouraged to break all bad habits for one month.

Fasting is also mentioned in the Bible. Surprisingly the US Marines also has a page on Ramadan.

In the pictures above I brought home some samosa and pakoda from a nearby Indian restaurant. Needless to say one of their busiest times is during Ramadan. The yellow sweets are called laddoos. Dates are also present, and are traditionally the item used to break the fast, followed by water or some sherbet (fruit drink). Since we are North Americans we also have some fast food (chicken fingers).


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