Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Gerrard Street Tales

The Gang of Three's T and E went for post-Iftaar dinner on Gerrard Street, along with E's brother S. Upon finding a suitable Pakistani establishment, they entered and placed their order. Very soon, the sizzling plate of butter chicken and the scrumptious curry beef made its appearance at their table, along with the obligatory naan and biryani. It was then that E asked for a knife and fork.

“What?” S poked fun at his brother, “Why do you need a fork for desi (South Asian) food?”

“The biryani,” E countered. “And the butter chicken.”

“Use your hands.” T told him in the ‘wise man’ voice. “If it was good for the messengers of God it should be good for you.”

“Besides,” S offered his wisdom. “Your hands are probably more sanitary than these forks, and who knows who has eaten with them in the last hour.” Then he looked at E’s hands and added, “Provided you have washed, of course.”

“I don’t know.” E raised his hands in protest, taking the teasing in good humour. “We are in a restaurant, we are in Canada, and I am using a knife and a fork. Screw you!”

Amidst the general ribbing of becoming ‘too westernized’, E got his knife and fork. As he prepared to dig in, the door to the restaurant opened.

Two girls walked in. Extremely beautiful, faces fair, slim figures and dressed fashionably Indian. They sauntered over, looking for a table.

E poked his knife into a piece of chicken leg.

“Mmm, guys, this is good.” He raised the chicken piece and looked over at T and S.

They were busy signaling to the waiter for a fork and knife.

The girls had sat down at the next table.

(Story credit: E)


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