Thursday, October 20, 2016

Western Canada Diaries - 11. The Crossing Resort

[ Continued from Part 10 - Lake Peyto and Bow Summit Lookout  ]

Where you wish to stay on your trips through these national parks depend on a lot of factors: budget, travelling group, needs, activities planned etc. For us, we had kids with us so we needed something that was convenient (close to the highway), on the way, and had all the amenities. For the first part of our trip we were based in Calgary and Banff, but as we headed north we needed to look at another place.

A lot of these lodges and "resorts" outside of Banff and Canmore are very barebones, made for hikers or couples or young people who will camp a lot. We chose one resort that had every thing on site - a couple of restaurants, a gas station, a convenience store, telephone and internet and of course, a comfortable place to bed for the night.

Welcome to the Crossing Resort.


This "resort" is a three and half star motel, with rooms in cottages spread throughout a huge area. As a bonus, it was nestled right in between several huge mountains, making for an awesome background. And I mean awesome. For once, the pictures on a hotel's site matched what you actually see.

There was also a BBQ area and a fire pit with a gazebo should you feel the need to take a guitar out and strum a few songs. Just watch out for the wildlife at night, though.

There were a couple of restaurants on site. Now you have to be prepared to pay a premium for everything, since this is right in the middle of wilderness, but it's pretty cool to wake up and be able to eat a full breakfast (albeit at a much higher price) right in the centre of what is essentially a Canadian jungle.

Now why am I posting what is literally an unpaid ad for this place on my blog?

First of all, this was a great place to stay as it was right in the middle of Banff and Jasper. A little north of this place was where Jasper National Park started. It was not too far from the Columbia Icefields that was our next destination.

Second, to wake up early in the morning after Fajr prayer and take a walk amidst some glorious mountain scenery was amazing in itself. Now I have used this word - amazing - a lot, but it's something you will find yourself saying again and again while in these parks.

The scenery? Amazing!
The mountains? AMAZING!
The lakes? Amazing!

And third, the convenience. There is a full service centre here for all your car needs. There is a convenience centre should you need something. The restaurant also takes orders for packed lunches on the go if you are going hiking during the day.


So, if you are looking for a place to stay near the Columbia Icefields, do check out the Crossing Resort.


nadia said...

With a place like that, paying a premium for lodging or food is totally worth it!

Salma - The Write Balance said...

Thanks for the tip, looks like a great place!