Wednesday, May 05, 2010

This Week in Toronto Through A Cellphone Camera

Spotted outside a Restaurant near Chinatown:

Being a Muslim, I can't verify his claim, but if you are looking for the best pork in the whole of North America, this is where you would go to.

Signs that Walmart is Going Even More Brown:

Yes - they are now selling cricket pads. I think these were around $30.

Because, in Toronto, We Want to be Very Clear

Er, ... FAIL!

Quick!!! In the 1 second it takes me to drive by an empty spot, can you tell me if I am allowed to park here?

Basking Robbins. 31c per scoop:

Do I really need a caption for this? :-D


Anonymous said...

haha, I havne't seen those signs yet. And 12:01 eh, yep, can't say it isn't percise.

Anonymous said...

Criket is everywhere now.The sizeable migrant Indian population just held a cricket tournament here with an ex-Indian cricket player invited for the show.It's a religion lol:)

Very cute sign posts! And what do you expect from a restaurant in Chinatown? :)
Pig is an auspicious animal to them that they make sure they leave no waste behind literally.

And I've just recently read that there're halal utensils!One company not using any bone materials for its production earned a halal certificate!Don't understand this obsession.I mean going green is one thing but this!We're not going to eat the plates,forks and all that!:)

Anonymous said...

I have actually seen these signs :D
Walmart, hahaha, well, if they want to sell stuff, they better target their *customers*. Btw, the best pork in china town is funny. I remember coming to Toronto and going to china town, I was truly *amazed* by seeing all the roasted pork, whole ducks?? hanging on the display windows. And to add on that, there's always rat infestation going on in those *places*. sf

mezba said...


It looks like the signs were designed by a programmer. If .. then .. else ...

Lat, yup, I think there was a tournament in Malaysia long time ago (when Bangladesh qualified to play its first world cup).

lol at the comment about Chinatown. Yes, it seems even their veg dishes have pork. And halal utensils? May I saw WT*** ?

Sf, btw that restaurant - I go there often - they have some of the best seafood/veg dishes in China town. As for the rat infestation at times... :-P what can you say except after 10 years of eating at Chinatown one should be immune to everything lol.

Muslim Girl said...

No way I would never get immune to a rat infestation!! How can you say that lol?! I've never actually been to China town but after hearing about the rats... Umm.. I don't think I will :)

The cricket thing is not really a surprise. I actually saw them selling shalwar qamees at Wal-Mart once... I kid you not.

'liya said...

We have both a boys and a girls cricket team at our school :)

The ice cream looks yummy!

mezba said...

Muslim Girl, :-) Chinatown's not bad, I have eaten there - unfortunately there is no halal shop there except one Pakistani place (I have NO idea what he is doing in the middle of Chinatown). However, Scarborough has LOTs of halal Chinese places.

btw would it surprise you to learn that any bag of rice is legally allowed to have so much (small) amount of rat droppings, insects and bird parts in it? *evil laughter*

Liya, in some schools near our area they are now having trouble filling ice hockey teams - Canada's national winter sport!

You should have joined us for ice cream that day - although V must be happy his team won. :-)

Dave said...

Hopefully 20 / 20 cricket will quickly become a world game...

Nadia said...

LOL @ 12:01

Your cellphone camera takes nice pictures.

mezba said...

Dave, hope so - it's closer to what we amateurs play.

Nadia, I bet it's because someone was thinking should I write 12 am and can someone think it's 12 pm? Although technically it's 12 midnight... yep Toronto council is precise hehe

mystic-soul said...

cricket pads at in Toronto!!

mezba said...

Mystic, yup, only here! Haven't seen them in New York for example!