Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Suggestions for the Break Please

If you had to go somewhere for a week in mid-February (and you are in Canada), where would you go?

Choices are:
[ ] Florida
[ ] Cuba
[ ] Mexico
[ ] somewhere in the Caribbean (Please specify country ____________ )
[ ] Cruise (please specify details ____________ )
[ ] Other (Please specify country ____________ )

Budget is approximately $1000 per person.

1 week. Somewhere not cold. If you (dear readers) have any recommendations, please share! (and oh, if you want to sponsor my trip ...)

Bonus question: Should I get an all inclusive trip?
[ ] Yes / [ ] No


Mohamed Ehsan said...

Barbados. Lovely time all year round !

mezba said...

Ehsan, thanks. I have to look into that too, hopefully it can fit the budget.

Rezwan said...

You can even get one trip free if you just :)

mezba said...

Rezwan, lol.

Farah said...

Florida is sort of cold (around 18-20 degrees) in mid-Feb. It depends where you want to go - Miami is warmer.

I would go somewhere in the Caribbean and go with an all-inc.

isheeta said...

Cuba - no (food=bad)
Mexico - no (just been done to death!)
Florida - America? no thanks, goodluck sneaking in some shampoo in
Carribean - yes! All inc Jamaica is nice, and yes Barbados even.. water is soooo blue! Bahamas also so relaxing!!! You can walk out of all these resorts except for Jamaica. Aruba is also pretty cheap, but not much to do after a while. If you travel with aeroplan points, which I'm sure u have a lot now cuz you seemed to have travelled a lot last year, you'd have enough for one person paid or a first class upgrade.
Cruise - omg, ure not 60 yet.

mezba said...

Farah, thanks.. that's what I am hearing from everyone!

Isheeta, your last line really made me LOL!

thanks for the detailed suggestions... have to look into the Caribbean option. I want to do some activities like scuba, sailing, jet ski etc.

Organica said...

Mom went with my aunt last year to Punta Cana (Dominican Republic). $1000 will get you an all-inclusive resort for a week. AWESOME FUN!

'liya said...

Bahamas! That's the only place we've been to in the Caribbean and loved it so much, I'd recommend it to anyone. It's so relaxing and there's lots to do. If not that, then definitely a different Caribbean island. What about Dominican Republic? I've heard good things. Or Barbados, I actually have a cousin who lives there can you believe it. Oh and my friend recently moved to Bermuda, but that might be too expensive. Cuba, not so good regarding food. Mexico.. there still might be traces of H1N1 :)

In case you can't tell, I really want to get away too lol.

Anonymous said...

Well seeing as I haven't been to any of these......I choose to Mexico! I think it'd have the most culture to see. Regardless, need to go for the all-inclusive deal :)

Nourah said...

The Bahamas for sure! I'm from the Bahamas, so maybe I'm a little bias lol. But if you only have a week, and on a budget...its a great place to visit.

There are a lot of islands you can choose from too, and if you can squeeze in a visit to any of the other islands besides Nassau, it would really make your trip worth it :).

Anonymous said...

Santo Domingo is really nice and Costa Rica is amazing. Also I would never go with All Inclusive, but that is an ethical thing. All inclusive don't leave money for the locals, they are usually big chains from richer countries and the only thing they do is create trouble for locals. But that's just me lol.

mezba said...

I have narrowed the options to Bahamas, Punta Cana, Cuba and Florida (can this be called 'narrowing'?).

Organica, looks like that's a cheap option popular with a lot of tourists. February seems a peak season for some reason! :-(

Liya, like always related to travelling, expect an email from me soon! :-)

Geeki, I have always been interested in the Mayan Riviera. I guess I will add that to the 'narrowed down' list!

Nourah, the wide range of activities is why I am leaning towards either Bahamas or Cuba. I still have to see if a beach holiday is one for me though.

Elena, unfortunately in the end I think that's what we will end up doing - all inclusive - as it's quite convenient from Canada.

Ex Refugee said...

No Barbados please, it is just not wild enough for me. Every thing is sort of organized as it has been tourist center for last few decades. I'd rather go St Lucia (100 miles from Barbados) which is not as refined as Barbados but still an awesome place. May be you can do both and appreciate the difference b/w two islands. I checked out ticket prices last night for May and it was 515 from SFO for me so I guess you should be able to get the same, hotels are 100-150 per night depending on location. Food is cheap. And I guess you wont be drinking so 1000 per person may be just enough. Florida in March wont be bad in march due to spring break :-) but would be damn expensive.

mezba said...

Ex Refugee, thanks for the tip. I do want something not TOO populated with tourists, on the other hand with more touristy facilities you get all amenities.

At this point Bahamas and Cuba are good options. Cuba is cheap!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, have you ruled out Florida already? Florida is beautiful from Tallahassee down to Miami...and its definitely not 18-20 degrees here, in the 70's today. I recommend St. Augustine, the oldest city in America and the Kennedy Space Center. Of course, Orlando, Miami, West Palm, Daytona and Clearwater are classics as well. Staying here might be expensive than the other locations you are considering unless you know somebody here.

mezba said...

Anon, I will keep the blog posted.