Friday, October 05, 2007

Things I Learnt From The Movie Train

When I was a kid, my biggest concern was whether Lion-O would complete the Anointment Trials to become the true Lord of the ThunderCats, or whether my sister was going to finish that last piece of chicken. Apparently, I did not know that Bollywood Indian movie kids on the other hand are very smart and keep up with what their parents are up to, even including details of their love life.

Of course, if you are under stress, haven't talked to your wife properly in months, always sniping and fighting with her, have monetary issues, and your child has a health problem, all it needs to solve ALL those issues is for your wife to ask you for sex.

Using innuendos of course, remember, you are still desi (brown).

I don't know why I cut the next scene - except perhaps because it has the name (almost!) of one of my favourate bloggers.

Well, if after all that (smart kid, horny hot wife, good job and house) you still want to commit adultery, it doesn't hurt that the other lady is oomph!-worthy. Where did you meet her? On "The Train" - hence the name of the movie.

Alas, the only time one hot young lady offered to pay my fare on the subway was ... let's see ... NEVER.

I mean, I even had the drunk-looking "I-am-so-hot" look that Emran Hashmi gives here.

I think my fast has already been lightened, to balance it I think I should go watch some movie that deals with Islamic stuff - you know - like The Kingdom.

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isheeta said...

LOL, thanks mezba!

The lady in the pic is hot indeed.....and I do LOVE her eye makeup!

Although I think it sucks that isheeta had to be named for a woman who he was cheating with!

Shovon said...

You know those so called oversmart kids they show (particularly) in hindi movies. While some people go oooh and aaah, very smart kid I go "i want to smack that kid".
If they were that smart, maybe they would learnt to STF(abio)U!

Suroor said...

Ah great! Next question from the smart mouth kid would be "Daddy why don't you have sex with Mummy anymore?!" God, I could spank her!

Anonymous said...

chee chee u're watching fugly man's movies?? that too during ramadan???


mezba said...

Isheeta: Oh that's one hot lady. Even watching her is a sin - she's that good (or at least her make up artist is).

Shovon: I know! And they always have those squeeky high pitched voices that make you cringe.

Suroor: Believe you me that was one of the 'observations' of this kid. Though she would always interrupt at the worst/best time!

Athena: that too during the last 10 days!

MH said...

You should watch the "original" :P Derailed, with Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen. Much better. (Of course now it won't be any fun)

mezba said...

Mh: I could watch the Derailed but then how can I get tons of fun out of making fun of a movie? :-P

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched this movie but figured that this could be a remake of derailed and you should watch it coz it was really nice. I think there was a similar hindi movie with same *theme*,was it fidaa???sf

'liya said...

The girl in the third picture is pretty! Is the 2nd and 3rd the same girl?

mezba said...

Sf: I haven't seen Fida, but now I guess I have to see Derailed.

Liya: pic 3 and 4 are the same, 2 is different.