Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Lameass Conversations of The Week - 4

Hena: So are you going to the club social?

Me: If Aaron and Khaled goes, and if Khaled is giving me a ride back, I will go. Otherwise if they can't go, but I am done my studies AND my paper, I will still go. Else I won't go.

Hena: Jeez, You are a computer programmer alright!
* * *

So this newlywed friend of mine, R, dropped in from out of town with his wife. We hooked up with a bunch of other guys and went out for dinner. R was the youngest in our group of friends, and being the youngest and a student, while the rest of us were the working bunch, most of the time we treated R and never let him pay much. So today, R decided to treat us in honour of his newlywed status. He also did not want his new wife to know that this was the first time he was treating the group.

So he took out his gold VISA card, made us order a whole bunch of dishes, and with great pomp and show signed the bill and added a generous tip. It was all going so well for him too - until the over-friendly waitor came back and told him, "Sir, you need to sign the back of the credit card. It looks new, sir, have you never used it before?"

If looks could kill ...
* * *

I go to the IT Help Desk.

"Hi, can you help me configure my laptop for the university wireless network?"

"Um," the guy behind the Help Desk replies. "We have this hour long information session we hold. You have to attend those."

"I don't have an hour." I told him. "It's just a simple thing, can you just take a look?"

"Sorry." He goes. "We can't help you individually. If we help you we have to help every body."

And I am thinking, "And you are called the Help Desk because ..."

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Suroor said...

Haha and cute!

I think they are called Helpdesk because they need help!

Ahmed said...

The club social? what social???

Poor R.

Thats odd, the help desk people said in the 1hr long session if you have any problems you can come to them anytime for individual help.

Aisha said...

LOL :-) I am working at a staet insittution and HELP desk type issues like that a regular thing. Its so frustrating!

mousehunter said...

Too bad it wasn't Mastercard..haha..

New clothes $100
Air fare $500
Dinner for friends $100
Looking like a cheapskate in front of your new wife....PRICELESS!!!

There are some things money can't buy...for everything else there's MC :)

I love help desks! They are called help desk so they can say "Let me help you find the place where you can go to fix your problem :)"

Anonymous said...

I just pity your friend, poor guy. He wanted to show off but it back-fired. I think one of the days, his wife would find the bill and the look on his face would be priceless too! Muahahahhahahaha. sf

Anonymous said...


Maybe the guy at the helpdesk did not know how to configure it himself... after all, any answers that start with the dumb blonde phrase, "Ummmm...." isnt authentic in any way :)


mezba said...

Suroor: Nice! Couldn't've put it better myself.

Ahmed: Ah it was the BSA (Bangladesh Student Association) function.

About their "offer" of help, ya they would help you - but you had to attend their bloody hour long session first. I mean, I already know Cntrl+P = print!

Aisha: haha and it's so frustrating especially because I know what's wrong, it's just a code or an IP number I am entering incorrectly, yet they have a patronizing attitude "oh have you tried rebooting?".

Mousehunter: Now that is gold. Simply gold. On the other hand some wives like cheapskate husbands - as long as they are prolific spends on them.

Sf: LOL ROFL. His wife is actually very good at maths and before the bill came she told him oh I think it should come to this. I see lot of blog worthy stories in the future.

Behbood: true! Some of them are so set in what they know that they can't do anything any other way. I sometimes see them lost and they go "Oh this SHOULD work... umm....."

Bibi-Aisha said...

Hehe.that was funny,but cute too. Shame,poor R.