Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sony Ericsson w800i

I got my cell phone! After some research, I had asked my Dad to get me the w800i. It's still not released here in Canada, and I love it already. The interface got some time to get used to (there is a learning curve) but once I got the hang of it, it was pretty straight forward. There's tons of features on the phone, and I got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on the first night - I was playing with those for over two hours! There's the really excellent Walkman (this is now my iPod), and the 2 MP camera is also excellent (you just have to be close to your picture's subject - zoom too much and it might be blurry). Here are some pictures:

My Aquarium

Monster veal sandwich at a Jewish restaurant near Bathurst.

If I have a 'sweet shop' I would probably name it differently.



Crimson Mouzi said...

From which country did you get this awesome phone?
Phone is NO longer a phone only. It's a lot of things, now! Aaaah technology!

Rajputro said...

I envy you..

Aisha said...

wow those are awesome pics! LOL @ the butt sweet shop.

Nabeel said...

why are your sunglasses next to the sandwich?