Friday, March 24, 2006

Bornona Today, T's Birthday Party

I posted my thoughts on the Afghan Christian convert's trial on my political blog here. I don't have too much more to say on that topic except I wish people would just grow up.

Today is University of Toronto's BSA's signature event - their yearly show. This year it's called Bornona. I got a call from Asif two nights ago requesting me to participate in a play in a very miniscule role. I would have to play a village elder smoking the hookah on stage for a few minutes. Cool! - I thought - until I realized I would have to wear the lungi. On stage.

For those who don't know, the lungi is a petticoat-like cloth worn by men in Bangladesh, comparable to the dhoti - or a sack with holes at either end. My problem - I am scared I would tie the knot on the lungi so badly it would unravel on stage. A person's worst fears would be realized. That didn't stop me from telling everyone to watch out for me at the show, smoking hookah on stage. At the end though, due to time constraints, my scene was edited out of the script. So no lungi worries for me.

We threw a surprise birthday party for T recently at Mandarin. It was organized by his sister. Next time though, I should remember not to park my car right near the entrance of the restaurant so that the person who is getting the surprise party thrown in his favour can be truly 'surprised'. In my defense, it was a fantastic parking spot.

J's 'tattoo t-shirt'. The name was because one guy saw this from afar and got the shock of his life when he thought they were all tattoos.

The cake.

Even eating seafood only can still pile up to a lot of food at Mandarin's!

Outside Mandarin



amitaf said...

a sack with holes at either end
hah.. call a plaid skirt for what it is - or would that negate the macho effects of smoking hookah on stage? ;)

NAB said...

I just heard about the Bengali UofT show last night, and jeez, I SO wish I could be there.
Anyways, next year, iA.

(have fun tonight...while I sit alone and drown my sorrows in a pint of Guiness in the pub)

NAB said...

hope you put up pics of friday night's show.

mezba said...

Nowal, Ya, done. lol.. cud have told me if someone wanted to come, I had tickets.

mezba said...

amiraf: skirt it is.

arafat said...

OMG, I've eaten at "Mandarin"! During my literally half-a-day in Toronto! Hmmm, it's funny how I actually still remember the name...