Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I Dream of CSI

So I had one of those ‘movie dreams’. I call them that because that’s what they are essentially. It’s a dream that’s also like a movie. Sometimes it’s interactive and I am in the ‘movie’, sometimes I am watching it from a distance, but either way, it’s highly entertaining and I certainly don’t want the dream to end quickly. Occasionally even in the dream I will know it’s just a dream and realize I must be smiling in my sleep because it’s just so super amusing (is this getting wierd yet?).

Ok, so in my dream, I was a police officer of Toronto. Along with my partner, we had just busted some kids doing drugs in a park. The punk kids tried to hide the evidence somewhere underneath the car but we had this amazing UV torch that when lit made all the drugs show up as blue, so we could instantly pinpoint where they were hiding the stash (CSI Toronto?). After booking and arresting the kids, we had a meeting to discuss where these drugs were coming into Canada from. One lady officer then said it must be Mumbai, India. According to her, Mumbai is an exotic city where the clean entertainment of the movie world meets lots of shady characters, and drug smugglers use their drug money to finance a movie. So I land up in Mumbai to investigate.

And not just anywhere in Mumbai. Right in the middle of a drug cartel warehouse with lots of drums, and some creepy guys playing cards. It’s just like an old 80s Amitabh movie. After some good old dhishum-dhishum fighting, I realize they left a bomb ticking. I have to defuse it. It’s ticking really loudly. Then, as I step closer to the bomb, I realize it has a clock. So I figure the way to defuse the bomb would be to wake up and shut off my alarm clock. And I wake up!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the ticking of my alarm clock was the bomb in the movie dream that had to be defused. And yes, it was ringing loudly in real life.

I read somewhere that you dream only for a few seconds (like 3-8 seconds) when you are in your REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. External stimuli, such as someone tickling your foot or an alarm clock, can dictate your dreams. So my whole dream, which to me seemed to happen over days, was only a few seconds in real time, and all of it conjured by my brain when the alarm clock started to ring, to lead me gently to a ticking bomb that’s an alarm clock. SubhanAllah, the human brain is an amazing thing!


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