Thursday, November 24, 2005

Imperialism of Imperial College

Even though I do not see what is there to see in Sania Mirza, I fully support her right to play tennis wearing short mini skirts. She is free to practice her religion as she sees fit. Women should be allowed to wear whatever clothing they are comfortable with.

Apparently Imperial College does not think so.

The Guardian: College security ban on hijabs and hoodies

Daily Mail: Students' fury at ban on hoodies and Islam veils
Imperial College Declares War on TerrorismHijab
"Clothing that obscures an individual's face is not allowed on any of the college's campuses. Employees and students should refrain from wearing clothing which obscures the face, such as a full or half veil, or hooded tops or scarves worn across the face."

It does not start with something big to lose the freedoms that we enjoy. The powers-that-be try to ban something small first. They wait and gauge the peoples' reactions. Then they move on to bigger and bigger freedoms. We had ASBOs in Britain for sometime now, where local councils can ban a person from listening to rock music on a certain bus. Then they moved on.

The Prime Minister Tony LiarBlair tried to pass the law that could imprison you for 90 days without charge. Imagine, you are dating a real hot Muslim guy and suddenly he does not return your calls for three months. What effect would this have had on interracial relations in Britain? Seriously speaking, a British citizen could be in jail for 3 months for not having committed a crime. The powers-that-be thankfully failed.

They say we don't want people putting silly pieces of cloth in front of their faces. Remind me to tell that to the Queen next time she wears a net on her face at one of those races.

Now they moved on to a much smaller scheme. First they tried to ban people in hoods, then people in jilbabs and finally now the war has come to the hijab. It's time to make a stand.

Students are the voice of the democracy of the future. If they will not stand up when their own rights are being taken away, then something is wrong with democracy in that country.

It's not just some moz people who wear the hijab you know, some Christians do it as well. They are only following what the Bible told them, in First Epistle to Corinthions, chapter 11, verse 3-10. I searched for 'Mary Mother of Jesus' in Google images. After 10 pages I gave up. I was looking for a picture of Mary with her hair shown. Couldn't find it. There were some sites, but those open a lot of popups.

Mary and Mary in Passion Of The Christ

Mary and child

I was speaking with my friend Rashed this morning. He studies (too much in my opinion) at Imperial College. He told me students there were lining up to protest against this impediment of freedom. There was a non-Muslim guy standing in the freezing cold of London last evening, he said, trying to get people to sign the petition against this silly rule. He said it was really touching. And sad, because most other Muslims don't care. They don't wear hijab, it doesn't effect them.
They took the guy down the street away. I didn't care, I didn't know him. Then they took my class mate away, I didn't care as I didn't like him. Then they took my neighbour away, I didn't speak because I was afraid. Then they came to take me away, there was no one left to care. - on poster outside UofT Scarborough SAC office

This is not a pro-or-against hijab issue. This is an issue of rights.



jamal said...

Good points. I totally agree.

AT said...

you know i was reading in a newspaper that last month at a village in bangladesh a girl actually committed suicide because she didn't have enough food at her house.!!! There are more to that story and it was very sad.

On the street of dhaka, I saw girls having very hard time just finding a piece of cloth to cover themselves. We saw the police taking off the clothes of girls right in front of Dhaka university!

Now, here the Imperial College is making a big fuss out of putting on just an extra bit of clothing. I mean, how pathetic we are, right?? Can the girls hide bombs or guns under a hijab??

Just forget it, don't wear that extra bit of clothing if they don't want because be lucky as you are atleast fortunate enough to have clothing unlike the unfortunate girls in Bangladesh.

One more thing is that I think they have banned all sorts of religious headgear. What about Sikhs, who don't cut their hair at all? Should all those sikhs stop coming to the college, because it would look a mess without their turban! Why should they have to cut their hair??? In Torontonian school, we found another complain that if Muslim-Jews-Sikh people can carry on with their headgear, why can't the black people be allowed to wear their traditional gear? Things are so messed up.....we need to come to an understanding.........

Rashed said...

Bangladesh is suffering 'cause of a zillion reasons, which i am not even going to try to explore (politics, etc.) As individuals and citizens of Bangladesh the least we can do is go back to bangladesh and try to reform our country after we finish our education abroad. I dont know how one is going to go about reforming, but you will be surprised what difference you can make to the people once you are there. Don't abandon bangladesh, it needs people like u and me. The day we are going to die, we would be thinking .. aah i spent all my life serving another country. what a pity!

Evryone, including me, should return to bangladesh, and make a difference, or if your circumstances are such that you have to remain in another country then .. well then i guess i dont know what you should do ..

Zainub said...

I don't really understand what the point is of such bans, its not like those who have been practising hijab all their lives will give it up because a certain Imperial College or whatever has asked them not to wear one when they come there! Yeah, right. If anything, it's only going to result in the female Muslim students there being even more determined the before abour their right to practice their faith.

mezba said...

Such bans do nothing but enforce the you-versus-us attitude prevalant in Europe today. I think Europe is experiencing a revival of right wing attitudes, as shown by elections in Germany, Poland, Portugal and France referendum.