Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Pearson Crash Coverage Continued

More on the Pearson coverage. CNN seems to have reverted back to showing astronauts deliver boxes in space, completely disregarding the huge event from the morning news. They can cover it extensively at midnight when everyone is either sleeping or trying to, but ignores it in the morning.

BBC lets users rant here. One guy called GCM from Toronto writes:

"I live downtown and I was telling my wife that there is a smell of rubber or fuel - she said it was probably my BBQ. I heard that one of the passengers walked away from the crash and thumbed a ride on the 401! Just last month a huge ferry crashed in North Vancouver and nobody was injured either. Classic - only in Canada!"

Umm... ok. I will let you live in the dreamworld that only good things happen in Canada.

Still no fatalities. But Pearson is a mess. And knowing the inept Air Canada officials, no one is helping out the passengers, nor talking to them about the status of flights, besides giving a few foams. When I got stuck while returning last winter from abroad on Pearson, when one of their luggage delivery systems broke down, we had to wait 4 hours for our luggage, and the only official from Air Canada came down 3 hours in that time, to give out bottled mineral water! At first the announcer on the speaker system said 20 minutes, then 40, and then stopped updating us! And we landed at midnight, so had to wait till 4 AM morning for our luggage.

Was Weather A Factor?

I believe so. It was raining like crazy yesterday (on the flip side my lawn never looked greener this summer). When I was driving back from work on the DVP I could not see two cars ahead, it was that bad. Visibility was very close to zero. Every car on the highway had slowed down due to the conditions. I heard of flights diverted to other airports due to bad weather. Certainly the pilot should have asked for the same. The weather on the west end of the city (where the airport is) was worse.

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