Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Accidents Help Traffic?

Weird phenomenon on DVP today. There was an accident just north of York Mills on the southbound DVP today, just a fender bender between two cars. Coming off the 401, I had to navigate bumper-to-bumper for 2 minutes, and then surprise! As we passed the scene of the 'accident', the traffic was really flying! I was doing 120 km per hour in morning rush hour on the DVP - yes on the DVP - listening to 'Billoni Tera Laal Ghangra' and coming to work early.

So here's my theory. You block the traffic just north of York Mills everyday. So cars that would normally be elsewhere on DVP is stuck between 401 and DVP. But it's only few minutes, and once they pass the 'blockage' it's zoom-zoom.

Wonder how the folks coming on 404 south from Markham would think of this idea.

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