Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Oliver Twist at Abeer's school

Abeer had a performance at his school tonight. He played the role of Bill Sikes in Oliver Twist. It was a musical (sort-of) play. And really good. I mean really good. The kids were from grade 4 to 8. The teachers' names were Mrs Krumholz (that's a real name), and Ms Owens. The kids acted very well, especially the guy who played Bill Sikes (and I am not saying because he was Abeer).

Bill Sikes is the main villain who controls Fagin's gang, gets rich off them, has a pretty girlfriend (who has a change of heart at the end), and then tries to use Oliver to be part of his plan to rob Mr Brownlow (who also happens to be related to Oliver in the end).

I thought, besides Oliver, Bill Sikes was the next best character to play. He was in many scenes, and had a whole range of emotions and histrionics he could do.

I have always felt this was Charles Dickens' best novel (it's so like an 80s Hindi movie).

The background for one of the scenes

Abeer at Fagin's lair

Bill Sikes (Abeer) leading Oliver to rob a house

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