Monday, August 24, 2009


One of our friends, Furqan Muhammad Haroon, has been kidnapped at gun point. I am still in shock at the news, the story just gives one the creeps, and I can only imagine what his family must be going through at this time.

Furqan was an active member of the MSA at our university. I saw him often during prayer times and Ramadan iftars. We have quite a few good mutual friends and all of us are hoping wherever he is, he is safe and well. Furqan was a normal lad, quite well liked by everyone, and whenever I met him he always had a smile on his face.

Please pray that he is able to return to his family as soon as possible. If you have any news, please call Crime Stoppers (they accept anonymous tips by phone) at 416-222-TIPS (8477), online at or by texting TOR and a message to CRIMES (274637).

Toronto man missing after gunpoint kidnapping

Anguished family seeks help in finding son


Aisha said...

This is horrendous. Your friend is my prayers. Please keep us posted.

Sarah Alaoui said...

mine as well.

mezba said...

Aisha, Sarah, thanks for the prayers.

This case has just grown stranger and stranger.

Missing Student was facing Theft Charges

Here the community is quite shocked at the abduction. The mosque and his friends has put up posters and fliers around the neighborhood and the police are doing everything on their part as well.

Since it involves someone we all know very well, AND it has happened quite near our place too, this is one story we are all keeping our tabs on.

'liya said...

I just heard about the theft charges on the radio.

I hope he's okay.

Adventurous Ammena said...

I got an email from YM the other day about this... horrible.. please keep us up to date insha'allah

Ahmad said...

What in the world is Toronto coming to! :-/

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine what the family is going thru'.I hope he returns safely soon,inshallah.

Muslim Girl said...

A friend of mine knows his family as well. I hope he makes it home okay, iA.

marie said...
can't imagine someone would do this to their own family

'liya said...

My thoughts have totally changed now knowing that he faked his abduction! JUST heard it on the radio and turned to my mom and said "what the hell?" .. yesterday my mom was saying poor boy, hope he is okay.

Already he has lied and stolen and put his family through so much stress - in Ramadan especially.. wow.

Tazzy said...

What a class A Idiot!

Not only has he thrown away any decent chance of a career with theft charges (IBM is not one to place fake theft charges on summer students), he's also gotten his face plastered all over the media as a lier and waster of city resources... plus using the month of Ramadan to host this lie to not only his family and friends but stranger's prayers.

Honestly I worry of the kids these days their their quick rich schemes.

nadia said...

I was reading this post and making dua for him and his family, then moments later ready this news that he had faked the abduction!

Anonymous said...
What a shameful act this dude has done .. !!!


mezba said...

To everyone,

This has probably been a shock to many. Such a nice guy (apparently) and this is the result!

First, he faked his own abduction.

Then, it turns out he stole from his last employer, IBM.

And yesterday, this piece of news came out.

I guess sometimes you never really know people!!!

mezba said...

Aisha, it turns out he faked his own abduction and was leading everyone on a wild goose chase. He has been charged with public mischief.

Sarah, looks like we were praying in vain.

Liya, doesn't it make you mad that what he did? He led everyone on - and now it paints a very bad light on Muslim men (as if previously they were viewed in a good light!).

Adventurous Ammena, when I believed the initial story, I was dumbfounded such an event could happen in Toronto. Turns out we were right to be dumbfounded, it didn't happen.

Ahmad, :-S

Lat, I wonder what his family is going through NOW!

Muslim Girl, he was well known in our community. Or so we thought.

Marie, I know - it's disgusting. I guess we all didn't know how many skeletons he had in his closet.

Liya, I know. I saw his dad crying on national tv. Poor man. I hope though somehow everything turns out well. I think he is a young man who got into some trouble and panicked, and now made it worse.

Tazzy, you may have hit it right with that get rich quick thing. I just hope things turn out well. I always had thought he was a decent lad.

Nadia, yes it's right - the abduction was fake. I wonder why he did it!

infoguide, *shakes head*

Anonymous said...

Disgusting! sf

mezba said...

Sf, leaves a bad tase in one's mouth!

Ilham said...

Perhaps you can write a followup to the original post about Furqan? I would be very interested to know what the Muslim youth community is thinking about the new shocking turn of events....

mezba said...

Ilham, welcome to the blog.

Although I am hardly a typical representative of the "Muslim youth community" :-) I will do a followup post .. was thinking about how the media made out he is a 'devout Muslim' as if that means anything, while creed of other alleged criminals are not mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Ok so I agree with everyone here that what he did was horrible, that it may have been him getting into a bad situation and then making it worse by panicking.

From what I've read, he was a well-liked guy and known in the Muslim community. That means he must have much good in him and have done or participated in good deeds for the community. Why is all that being forgotten? He is our Muslim brother, while he was thought missing everyone was praying for him, why has everyone stopped praying for him now, if these allegations are true then we should pray for forgiveness for and guidance.

Yes I get that people get angry because as a Muslim he represents all of us and his actions reflect on us, but honestly its disgusting how quickly everyone jumps from may Allah return him and have mercy on his family to what an idiot etc etc. Did anyone even question the accusations before jumping to conclusions? They may be true of course but shouldn't our first thoughts be to give our brothers and sisters the benefit of the doubt and after that if they are guilty to help them out, and pray for them regardless.

He is going to suffer the consequences of what he did already. It's sad that the community he is part of and worked for abandons him because of his mistakes, how many screw-ups have the rest of us done which we were lucky enough not to have the world know about today?

mezba said...

Anon: Wish you would leave your name.

As for Furqan, he took the Muslim community out for a ride. As I said, I think he made some mistakes, panicked and then made a bigger mistake, but as the saying goes, he made his bed and now has to lie on it. What he did brought a very bad name to the Scarborough, and the GTA, Muslim community.