Thursday, August 20, 2009

Facebook Moon Sighting

It has been an annual debate amongst North American muslims come every Ramadan. Do we follow Local Moon sighting? Or do we follow Global Moon sighting? Or how about the new ... Computerized Moon sighting? Which one is condoned by the Fiqh Council but for some reason not our local mosque (because the imam wants to celebrate Eid on same day as his relatives in Pakistan so everyone in the family can use the same Skype account).

And now, a new revolutionary way to determine the start of Ramadan.

For now, we bring you ...

Facebook moon sighting.

Ramadan starts when two reliable Facebook account holders, belonging to religion "Islam" with gender set to "Male" claim to witness the new moon on Facebook. In place of one "Male" account holders, two witnesses with "Female" gender can be (rarely) substituted.

How to sight the new Facebook moon?

Common Facebook holders do not have enough information to know they have spotted the Facebook moon. Such matters of strict important religious jurisprudence are best left to learned few (preferably gender set to "Male") Facebook account holders, who will then, based on their knowledge and experience set out the new "divine" sighting fatwa (also known as a "poke-wa") that impacts everyone else. Common Facebook holders are requested not to question the decision of these learned few (also called Administrators) as doing so would be tantamount to questioning God - weather conditions be damned.

If you are interested in knowing whether the new Facebook moon has been sighted, please login to, join the group "Facebook Moon" and click refresh until 3 am at night (although it has been noted a new Facebook moon theoretically cannot rise after 11 pm).


Anonymous said...

LOL, hilarious! I'm sharing this on FB!!!

Farah said...

HAHAHAHAHA.. although I am betting the satire will be lost on a few people!

mezba said...

Miss Specs, Farah: thanks! Hope people get the irony.

Muslim Kid said...

Haha, very silly. I like it.


Anonymous said...

Facebook Moon Sighting?! Ridiculously funny :P Thanks for the laugh!

'liya said...

Ramadan mubarak :)

V and I decided to go outside for a walk to look for the moon but couldn't find it, we DID see a shooting star though!

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

that is hilarious!

Ramadhaan Mubarak to youu! :D

tani said...

lol! ramadan mubarak!

mezba said...

Muslim Kid: and this silliness occurs EVERY year!

Lat: :-)

Liya: Ramadan Mubarak to you too. You know you have to make a wish on a shooting star, right?

Smiley, Tani: thanks, and Ramadan Mubarak to you too.