Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Hungry Man is NOT an Angry Man!

I remember reading a travel advice given by a travel show on a visit to some Muslim country. Part of the advice read (I am paraphrasing here) as follows.
Ramadan begins on such-and-such date. During Ramadan, Muslims fast (abstain from food and drink) the whole day. As a result, individuals may be snappy and irritable, therefore be polite and avoid crowds. Important projects tend to get delayed during Ramadan ...
Now I didn't read anywhere that one of the requirements of Ramadan is that a hungry man should be an angry man! I am pretty sure though - that I read in some hadith - in Ramadan, all that some Muslims will get out of their fast is hunger and thirst. So this means many will not get the spirit of Ramadan.

In Ramadan we are supposed to be nice. An extra effort, if I may. We are supposed to be a better person than we are for the rest of the year. So that would mean NOT angry and NOT irritable. Unfortunately though, I have to agree with that advice.

Living in the Arab lands, people tend to be lazier in Ramadan than the rest of the year. The already procrastinating nature receives a boost in Ramadan - with cries of Bukran and Inshallah! increasing ever. And living here in Canada, many Muslims tend to over exaggerate how hungry and thirsty they are to their non-Muslim colleagues, and slack off on their productivity, blaming Ramadan.

So this Ramadan, let us make a deal to not only be a nicer person, but also a more productive person.

And yes, I am blogging this on my break!


Miss Specs said...

Yeah, lol, like they say :'Fasting but not furious'!

mezba said...

Specs: haha, that was one of my fav T-shirts from last year's RIS.

Yawar said...

Hi Mezba, Ramadan Mubarak. What's your online resource to learn about what day Ramadan starts here in Toronto? I know this seems like a n00b question, but I'm pretty clueless! Btw have you tried the Google Chrome browser? It rocks!

'liya said...

I'm laughing to what Specs said :D

Good advice Mezba, I know a few fasters that should read this!

mezba said...

Yawar: I generally go by the Hilal community here. I follow Nugget mosque (http://www.islamicfoundation.ca) and their guidelines.

Although in principle I support the use of calculations to determine when Ramadan will begin.

Liya: Specs is one visionary writer!

Musa said...

Mezba Bhai,

Dont get me started on this.......

I used to like Ramadan during schooldays in AUH, but now I kind of dont like Ramadan here. My Ramadan days in the US were much more fulfilling,..surprisingly.

Here in Abu Dhabi, Ramadan is all about iftar buffets where mountains of food gets thrown straight to bins, smoking sheesha till Suhoor, people slacking off, making mistakes and then saying "its Ramadan, you should understand", driving even more carelessly (i had to be home for iftar).

In other words, Ramadan is bringing out the worst in Muslim hypocrisy in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

mezba said...

Musa: I too have fond memories of Ramadan in the middle east, though wouldn't know how it is there now. Here, in Canada, Ramadan seems much more hands-on. It is what you make out of it.

Suroor said...

I am reminded every year that as a Muslim and fasting tecaher I have to fulfil my duties but my Muslim fasting students may be "lazy and snappy"! Great. Well, then "stuff it"! - I mean the mouth ;)

mezba said...

Suroor: lol as a student I can remember making life tough for my teachers. Oh well!

Solace said...

I must be honest, I am MUCH MORE productive now in Ramadhan than before. Fasting has made me realise just how much time I spent on eating & drinking at work.

I do get hungry, but not angry. Just tired.

Muslims really should focus on telling others about the benefits of fasting during Ramadhan instead of complaining about how difficult it is.

Ali said...

I think I have to thank god for the position I am at then. Most of the Muslims I hang out with show patience and calmness during Ramadan and I never heard anyone telling any of our non-Muslim friends/classmates that we can't do this or that due to fasting... not yet at least :p

I gotta agree with musa, I notice Ramadan is better practiced here in this small community in the west then when I was in the middle east. It was all about the food back there :\

Oh and Ramadan Kareem :)

Muhamad Lodhi said...

good for you.

Sketched Soul said...

As-salaamu'alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuh,

Ramadaan Mubarak!!

May Allah grant us the ability the use our time wisely, and show kindness to others. Ameen.

Wa'alaykum as-salaam

mezba said...

Solace: For some reason this Ramadan I have been feeling more tired, not hungry. Sleepy too. Although I see that is becoming less as Ramadan is progressing.

I agree - there are much more benefits in Ramadan which should be publicized. Charity work for one - many Muslims I know are more into food drives and collecting money for the needy in this month.

Ali: I have met a few who think Ramadan is a chore and take pride in telling others they are not fasting - I can't understand it. It's one chance to be a little different - isn't that what is "cool"?

Muhamad Lodhi: thanx.

Sketched Soul: Ramadan Kareem to you as well.