Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Somewhat disturbing, somewhat funny, and politically very incorrect.

Dadagiri is a new reality Indian TV show on a youth channel called Bindass. One of the segments of the show feature contestants withstanding verbal abuse by a female anchor dressed as some dominatrix. In this episode, it seems someone forgot to give the guy contestants the script - they were unmoved by her tirade.

What then followed, the girl lost her temper.

And slapped the guy.

And the guy ... well, you'd better watch the video.

I find it pretty surprising that such television shows now air in the same land where Richard Gere cannot kiss Shilpa Shetty.

Of course the TV network then did not air the scene but completely left it out of the final cut that made it to the air.

And then conveniently released it on Youtube.

Sneaky, these Indians.


Anonymous said...

Mezba! LOL, where do you find these things, man!

First off, i've never seen something more distasteful.. and i'm referring to the show and its format.

Burned my ears off, that video did. I've never heard such language used even in real life...eek. You should put a PG warning there!

You are right, though. While a 'kiss' creates such a huge ruckus, they're actually airing shows with a scantily clad (by Indian standards) woman with a WHIP ordering contestants around?!? What hypocrisy.

Shovon said...

And this is entertainment?
I think i would rather watch Jerry Springer, at least there he gives them :words of wisdom: :P

Am i being a male chauvinist if think she deserved that?

But seriously Mezbum, why are you watching dominatrices in the month of Ramadan? O_o

Sumera said...

I dont understand the concept of this game show. Its bizarre.

She shouldnt have slapped him (it obviously wasn't part of the script)

She deserved that slap. She gave one and got one back.

mezba said...

Specs: Actually a relative forwarded it to me! I saw it and I was gobsmacked. I mean, I knew Indian serials of the Ekta Kapoor variety were crap but this is something else.

Yeah I should put a warning, the language is vile and definitely not family friendly.

I think the uproar over the kiss was very hypocratic. Akram's Razor does the whole incident justice in a post, with the roots of "our woman" and that man etc. You should read it.

Shovon, Sumera: this is entertainment to Indians. They take the worst American shows and somehow copy and make it even worse. How can any one watch this pile of shit (literally, some episodes) is beyond me!

I think she got her fair returns and should have been slapped back.

Of course then the guy turned gay with the "HOW CAN SHE SLAP" wails... note the male host didn't know what to do at first and then he saw the guy hunkering down and went after him.

Nadia said...

I feel disgusted when I see trash like this on TV. I really hope these programs don't seep into Bangladeshi medium.

Anyway the premise of the show is such that the contestants are provoked. The guy was nice enough in his response, she should not have slapped him. You will be hard pressed to find ANY man regardless of culture who meekly walks away when he is hit by a woman.

I see your point about the furor caused by Gere-Shetty kiss controversy while being entertained by shows like this. It teaches people that violence is more acceptable than sex. Unfortunately this is also true of most countries.


Anonymous said...

she deserved it... infact, he should have given it to her on the second cheek as well...


tee dimensionist said...

I saw this a few weeks ago.. it's just unbelievable.
Some may be happy to know that there 'How Can She Slap' t-shirts coming out! Lol

mezba said...

Nadia: Slowly but surely Bangladesh will copy this. They seem experts at copying Indian tv.

Behbood: I too think she deserved it. Serves her right!

Tee: hahahaha... where there is conflict there is a business opportunity!

Anonymous said...

VERY silly show and an extremely crazy woman. She deserved it!

Ali said...

Ah, reality TV.. how joyous.

Funny how many people they needed to hold the guy off.

Anonymous said...

Yo wth is this? That's so messed up :S


mezba said...

Achelois: She proved she is all talk but when the hit comes she runs behind a man!

Ali: lol!

Athena: you think? When I watched it first time my jaws were on the floor.