Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ryerson Enters The Cyber World

OK I am back after a break, and if anyone is reading this (yes, I mean the both of you!) - break is good! I have opinions, and I am not afraid to share them!

Thankfully though, there are somethings I would NEVER divulge.

For example, the fact that if you are cheating, you should probably NOT broadcast it on Facebook.

Take a look at this story.
First-year student Chris Avenir is fighting charges of academic misconduct for helping run an online chemistry study group via Facebook last term, where 146 classmates swapped tips on homework questions that counted for 10 per cent of their mark.
If this is what passes for intelligence at Ryerson (sorry Haleem, MH) no wonder employers flock to U of T!

A "study group" is OK as long as you help each other understand concepts. It may be borderline if your buddy helps you understand a problem of a problem set, as you are supposed to understand it on your own. But when your Facebook group says "If you request to join, please use the forms to discuss/post solutions to the chemistry assignments. Please input your solutions if they are not already posted" - I am sorry, you have crossed the line.

Yes, yes. I know everyone cheats in university.

But this guy got caught. *wink*


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Mezba. You were missed. Hey, a lot of people read your posts :P lol - what can I say, your sense of irony appeals to this Briton. lol

Yawar said...

I second the welcome back. Having recently immigrated here, I'm appreciating all the more your stories about life in Canada. Keep them coming if you have the time!

mousehunter said...

Well I have to say it was rather daft of the guy to put up a facebook group to post solutions. I can understand concepts, or explanations of concepts in laymens terms, but answers?!?! He put his foot in his mouth, unfortunately it was in a steel toed boot :P serves him gotta be smart to cheat successfully :)

BTW RYERSON ROCKS!!!! We have been identified as the leaders for tomorrow!..haha

Behbood said...

i would say its a good thing that facebook wasnt too much of a thing back when we were in university back in 03. I am sure in this case, the professor didnt hunt for this group, one of his students directed him towards the group. Profs (as we all know too well...atleast at UofT) dont have time do be surfing and all...But then again, since this incident happened at Ryerson, i could be wrong :)


luckyfatima said...

welcome back, long time no see! glad u have returned.

'liya said...

Good to see you back in the blogging game :D

Speaking of Ryerson, I got a fax today inviting my class (and other fashion classes in the Board) to a dress rehearsal of their fashion show. Right now Ryerson is making a bigger impression on me than any other university (nobody else invited us anywhere)!

Muse said...

hooray, you're back! once a blogger always a blogger i say :) glad you're around.

Organic-Muslimah said...

Welcome back :)

That's cheating?

koonj said...

Huh, odd, last night I had a dream I was in Canada, and at Ryerson.

Everyone does cheat, right? I never did, but I often felt like I was the only one.

mezba said...

Anon: thanx for the comment!

Yawar: I had just gotten very busy. Now my schedule's clearer, so I get the time to blog again.

Mousehunter: ya I think it was quite daft of him to do so - it's calling attention to the fact. Haha yes you have to be smart to cheat with success!

Behbood: lol you know I bet it's one of those students that DID tell the prof about it. We know there are SOME students who have to be 'traitors'!

LuckyFatima: Thanx!

Liya: Here's inviting you to the Bangladesh Students Association event Nirontor at the University of Toronto. :-D

Muse: Thanx! haha I know.. a blogger never quits, they just post away.

Organic Muslimah: I know eh! That's just low grade cheating... no pizzaz if you will! ;-D

Koonj: you are more than welcome to come to Canada! I would love to meet you.

Anonymous said...

So,what's the verdict,what's going to happen to this student, wasnt' that the same as group study??? When I was in college, I actually couldn't study with anyone,lol. sf

mezba said...

Sf, Ryerson has decided not to expel the student for now, but he did get penalized on the particular assignment that was in question.