Monday, November 26, 2007

Things That Puzzle Me

  1. Why is it that no matter how much I work out, it's either:

    a. My weight drops but my tummy remains the same,


    b. My tummy shapes up but my weight shows no sign of dropping!

  2. Why are people in a hurry in the morning? What are you rushing to... to WORK? You want to be early FOR WORK?!!! Slow down, enjoy the sights... such as ... the following.

  3. Catholic school girls. Aren't you supposed to be going to a, oh-I-don't-know, RELIGIOUS school? Then why is your skirt so short? And it's the mandated uniform?!!!

    My question is: with that skirt, how do you keep warm in the winter? I know you think you are hot, but are you that hot?

  4. The Toronto police are calling a suspected revenge killing involving a gang member "disturbing". Why is it disturbing when a gang member shoots another gang member? I say let 'em shoot each other up and you arrest the last guy standing.

  5. Why do pedestrians get a mind freeze when crossing the street? Just because it's your right-of-way doesn't mean I can stop a 3-tonne car on the slippery ice going downhill if you just decide to step out in front of my car when the lights are green. You'll be right ... DEAD right.

  6. Why do I start getting hungry at exactly 11.45 am?

  7. When is my nagging cold going to go away?


youngMuslimah said...

for all the questions: truly, Allahu'alam!!!

Anonymous said...

Thought provoking questions :)

The fat reserves around a person’s midsection are most difficult to burn. But doing sit ups or crunches won’t help because these exercises are basically for toning up abdominal muscles and not for burning for fat. Best exercises for reducing fats are aerobics like running, cycling, swimming etc.

May be when your tummy shapes up you get extra weight in the form of muscle mass?

What is a mandated uniform? And mandated by whom? School, society or God?

It really is a good question that how do they keep themselves warm in winters. Lol. I guess that the temperature receptors in our lower limbs are not as sensitive as in our upper body.

Toronto police itself is a gang. A gang protected by law. Who gives the government the authority to make and enforce laws? People? I don’t think so. Long live anarchy!

Rest of your questions are too metaphysical to be answered :) Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe, you remind of the *confussed professor*(?), I think they had it on Canadian Air Farce.
Well, my *fat* reserves are still there post baby :(, though I need to start exercising, sigh.
I went to a catholic high school and it was nothing like what they have here in Canada, I thought they could also wear pants, well, I always want to ask those girls this question, "how do you pick up something with that short skirt?" I find that in the west, the more *westernized* a woman is the less clothing she puts on. sf

'liya said...

Mezba, I think most people are rushing in the morning because they're late for work, not because they want to be early!! :D

mezba said...

YM: truly.

Anon: thanx for the explanation about the tummy! Why can't just the fat go to the proper places? lol

Sf: Oh I need to shed off those traveller's pounds pronto. Hard to believe how much fat people in Bangladesh eat every day - no wonder the food is so tasty.

Liya: haha!

mousehunter said...

Haha, actually its nice to be at work early, its the best time to be at work and do nothing! But, alas, I don't have that luxury anymore, when I get there, I get there, but it usually means I can leave early ;)