Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Do You Believe in Feng Shui?

I have started to become a big believer in that whole Feng Shui thing. I have been very grumpy and tired recently, and I have noticed that it may have something to do with the state of my room. I haven't really gotten down to cleaning up my room, ever since I came back, and everything is still in a clutter all around. ORGANIZED clutter though, I should add.

I mean like, I can say, "Oh, the charger for my cell? It's in pile no. 3. Should be under the receipt for the DVD writer I bought 4 years ago." See what I mean, everything is in a mess in my room, but I know where is it.

Or may be my grumpiness has to do with the fact that I have an exam tomorrow that I am absolutely NOT prepared for, and I am blogging when I should rather be studying.

I can't help it - the more I study - the more I don't know - and the more I am tempted to Facebook or blog. I mean, I am even secretly willing other people to update their blogs so I can have something else to read beside cost curves and consumer surplus and willingness to pay.

My life is now progressing from deadline to deadline. On this day I have this exam. Then from this day to that day I have this assignment due. Then start studying for this other exam. I mean, it's gotten to the state where I am unhappy November has 30 days, as that means 1 less day till December 4 which is when my term project is due. Oh yea, I work too, so have to squeeze those 8 hours in somehow. And it doesn't also help that Ahmed praised Heroes so much, that I got the whole season 1 on DVD, and now am hooked.

I will be so glad once the break starts.

On another note, I am leaving, again, for yet another conference during the Christmas holidays. And no, I have not confirmed the hotel yet, and still have to clear the credit card bills from the last trip. You deal with travel agents and shocking bank statements and international hotel receptionists who can't speak English and study 200 pages of demand equal to P=100-2Q with marginal cost = marginal revenue, and you will start to believe in Feng Shui as well.


Em said...

Ah, I smell an economist, and boy, do they smell good! I didn't know you were back in school?

Anonymous said...

How convenient, I was looking for a copy of Heroes and you happen to have a DVD writer and the Heroes dvd. So, when am I getting it?


P.S. If the exam asks about consumer surplus, b.s. about how is a perfect example for absorbing all the surplus, blah, blah, blah...

GeekiSiddiqui said...

My life is an organized mess.

And hmm...I think I'm going to have to ditto's Saks comment :P

Anonymous said...

the clutter in your room will definitly be a non-issue when the Mrs. will come here. Then everything will be organized and clean and yet you still wont find your stuff.

trust me on this...i am speaking from experience


mezba said...

Em: yes, I am back at school now.

Sak, Geeki: You are welcome to drop by anytime!

Behbood: hahahaha... well if she is willing to clean then I am willing to look for it... of course she can then clean up the mess after I am 'done' looking for it.

mousehunter said...

Orgnaized Chaos...gotta love it!

Because of you now I'm watching Heroes, but its not as addictive as Lost, THANK GOD! It's a lot like a nicely progressing movie.