Thursday, August 23, 2007

Observations of a Desi BBQ - 2

Q: How to tell a BBQ is a desi BBQ?

A: Tea. We HAVE to have tea. No matter what the challenge, tea must be made.

Tea being made over charcoal left from cooking the chicken.

Note also the big pot (called patil in Bengali) used to keep left over chicken warm.

(Pictures are sourced from Facebook, so if you can't see the pictures, Facebook is probably banned from where you are now)


working said...

I know, right? Don't you separate the aunties and uncles from their eta - even for one meal!

Farah said...

haha.. don't forget the daal.

"but beta, how will you EAT just chicken?"

Anonymous said...

One thing I have noticed after going to picnics/parks etc, I have never, ever seen white folks doing a bbq or having a picnic. Is it just me or what? It's just us(immigrants) who love doing this. Btw, why do they call whites, Canadians, I still don't get it, am Canadian too ;). sf

ruby said...

Oh good you're posting again!

mousehunter said...

one thing that I think is non-desi actually use teh park BBQs? I wondered who ever uses them?

sf...oh white ppl picnic...esp the italians...and they go big too, they take up unbelievable amounts of space at parks...haha.

mezba said...

Working: tea is to them an addiction - yet they won't recognize it! I know people who are irritable if they don't get their morning tea.

Farah: lol true chicken is not a meal. We need "torkari".

Sf: I think mostly immigrants call the whites Canadians. I have see white (Canadian) bbq-ers - they are mostly doing pork rather than chicken.

Ruby: :-D

Mousehunter: We just use them to light a small fire and keep the cooked pieces warm - we don't use them to cook.

snowdrops said...

Tea. We HAVE to have tea. No matter what the challenge, tea must be made.

You know, that's not entirely true. My dear grandparents [both paternal and maternal] never had tea. Buttt, in my mama's wedding, tea was served. Eeek.

But, I suppose you can detect a desi barbeque by the the humongous patil, and also, the amount of noise. Trust me, its a lot more than a non-desi barbeque. And ofcourse, the women. Sigh.