Monday, August 27, 2007

Mine Is Big

I uncovered and showed mine to her.

"Wow, that's big." She exclaimed. She slowly touched it.

"Feels nice too. But my, it's big! May I ask," she continued to stare, "how big is it?"

"Well..." I told her. I didn't exaggerate, I was modest - but she could see it.

"Wow." She exclaimed. "I recently noticed guys are having bigger ones nowadays."

"Hmm." Somewhat deflated at news of other guys with big ones, I replied, "Well, size matters you know."

She laughed. "I think you guys are obsessed more with size. If you ask girls it doesn't matter so much."

"Really? Ya, right."

"Haha ooh yes." She continued. "I mean as far as ... utility goes, size is really nothing, It's what you can do with it. Power, performance ..."


She slowly came nearer, and then started to pull down a zipper.

"What I have ... is one size fits all, you know."

The zipper was now fully open.

Delicately, she took my 17 inch laptop and placed it into her generic laptop bag. Yup, it fit all right.


'liya said...

Usually I don't get jokes but I think I got this one a little too quickly! lol :S

Achelois said...

You little rascal, you! :D

snowdrops said...

^I think I ought to say ditto to that. Cheh.

Anonymous said...

Hehehehehe! :)sf

mousehunter said...

Haha...I shall stop at Haha.

AKA said...

That's what I thought the whole time - a laptop. What else?

isheeta said...

Hey Mezba.. welcome to the jungle ;)

mezba said...

Liya: guys will always be comparing hardware. Just to let you know.

Achelois: What? *halo*

Snowdrops: In my defense I did use the word "utility" which means multiple uses.

Sf: I was always talking about a laptop you know.

Mousehunter: Why don't you type the comment you really wanted to type before the Mrs. stopped you? haha

Aka: Sure? Lap.. top? or...

Isheeta: omg haha