Friday, September 22, 2006

It's Lunch Day

Forgive me O Lord for I have sinned. I have eaten Junk Food on Lunch Day.

Today was the Lunch Day. That's what I call the last working day before Ramadan starts. I know I wouldn't be going out for lunch for a month, so on Lunch Day I don't bring any food from home but treat myself to a nice lunch. I have maintained this tradition for the last few years. Whereas people's traditions are usually of a spiritual or cultural nature, mine are complete self-satisfactory acts.

Except today, instead of eating the delicious lamb curry at that Indian place, I went for Burger King. Oh the horror - I just couldn't walk by their $1.79 BK fish special and resist - and once there I had to have the onion rings.

The thing I miss most during Ramadan is not the lunch or breakfast or the mint, but the 2 pm coffee. How are you supposed to stay awake? Well, I guess you could keep yourself super busy with work. I would be interested to know if someone did a study on productivity levels of fasting Muslims at 2 in the afternoon.


'liya said...

I never drink coffee (don't like the taste) so hopefully I can just stay awake by poking myself with pins or something - try doing the same? :D

Ramadan Mubarak!

NAB said...

that's been my concern ever since med school since that is when I started using caffeine as a stimulant. i needed it. I tried taking it slow, just iced tea.

anyways, things don't seem to sink through when i don't have that morning cup now. I'm leaving it all up to Allah though and hoping blind faith can lead me through the day.

oh, and try natural stimulants. i have actually gone outside and done a few jumping jacks, or run around the block to wake me up. it's SO much better, believe you me!

mezba said...

Liya: Did I say coffee? ooops - I meant tea! I never liked coffee myself.

Nowal: lol - I will keep the jumping up and down part in mind in a week - although with the amount of bugs I had in the code I was doing it anyways ;-P

Maliha said...

you mean people actually work at work? i thought they just blog and stuff :)


I wake up for Suhoor especially for the cup of tea...what happens by two o'clock..i just don't know, but psychologically it helps to know I had my cup:)

mezba said...


you guys starting your Ramadan today? Here's it's tomorrow (for the Hilal).

*sigh* every year....

Maliha said...

we did start Saturday; our masjid whether they were following ISNA or KSA am not sure; but at least those two yayy for us.

But yes, same story, same fight..its sad and exhausting really. but kheir...

sonia said...

Heh heh good one! :-)i like the sound of your traditions.

the good thing about ramadan in the middle east : you go to work late, and everyone has an afternoon nap! that's the only sensible thing to do... of course we'd have to move to siesta countries. sigh when i went away to university the one thing i couldn't work out was how anyone stayed up from 9-5! didn't they feel the need for an afternoon nap..