Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blue Jays, post Iftar, pre-Taraweeh

Blue Jays vs Red Sox at Toronto.

Not houseful, but a lot of people.

The moment of victory.

PS. Baseball is so boooooooring! I thought cricket was slow - baseball is literally watching paint dry. There is hardly any scoring, and the game has no finesse.



'liya said...

I know what you mean.. I HATE watching baseball. I had to take my students to a game before and I was really just falling asleep.


Your pictures look really good though!

Crimson Mouzi said...

Okay, so I live literally two minutes walk away from FENWAY, the baseball stadium, the home of the Red Sox. I witness their craziness (i.e. buying game ticket for $80 and on top of it, $60 for parking during the game, they ,make us residents' life miserable as parking space become such a precious thing). As I type this message, I am hearing all the cheering for some team whoever is playing in there, RIGHT NOW. Red Sox lost MANY games this season, and people should stop being so hyped up about them playing but I see absolutely NO sign of quietness.
They still watch the Sox game with all enthusiasm. And Red Sox lost to TORONTO>?????
Man, I have nothing to say! They should really stop this time, and LET ME SLEEP before midnight!

Watching a game at the stadium can be fun always. But football will be so much more fun!!!

Ek Umeed said...

Mezba, I hope you do not eat me alive for saying this, since I do know you to be a great watcher of sports and sporting events. But honestly, I find all sports boring. My sister and father are avid watchers of tennis matches. In fact, my father often recalls the days that he was obssessed with anything that had remotely to do with cricket matches in India.

But I am just not a "sports person" at all. For example, to me, cricket is just about a bat and a ball. Soccer is just about kicking a ball. And wrestling is just about tackling the other person. And all I know about tennis is that it includes a "love" point or something of that nature in the game. I shall now hide, lest you or other crazed fans of the games I have mentioned come at me with a baseball bat. (Hiding.)

mezba said...

liya: it's so boring - every inning is a repeat of the previous one - atleast in cricket you have runs and boundaries all the time, especially in an ODI.

MFH: Football as in soccer? A great soccer game is waaaay better than a great baseball game.

Ek Umeed: No you won't be crucified now. But baseball definitely sucks IMHO.