Saturday, April 08, 2006

Inside Man

We had arrived just as the movie was starting, so felt our way in the dark towards the front of the theatre. An Indian couple sat behind us. The credits rolled, and the movie started.

"Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya, Chaiyya Chaiyya ....
... chal Chaiyya Chaiyya, Chaiyya Chaiyya ...."

And we literally jumped out of our seats. What the-! A Bollywood song, playing in the intro to a big budget Hollywood movie - wow!

And just them, the Indian guy behind us turned to his girl friend and said, VERY loudly, "I told you so! And you wouldn't believe me."

I don't know if they were on a date (probably, it was Friday night) so that was probably not the tone you should use on a girl, even if you were right. Points to note down in the Things To Know Book of Life.

The movie was very good. It was a Denzel Washington-Spike Lee movie, so my expectations were very high. I don't know if they were completely met, but it was a very mentally engaging movie. Even though it was classified as action, there are not too many action scenes - it's mostly a battle of wits between the cop and the hostage taker, the likes of which used to be seen in older movies.

As with Spike Lee, you get a lot of racial topics thrown into the mix. One thing that disturbed in the movie was the police brutality. I don't know how true it is (it's a movie after all) but police should remember they are there to serve and protect. Lee also makes a comment about the existing (white) power structure, and how the anti-hero must rise above to crush the system. All-in-all, a good movie.

As we walked past the City TV studies, we saw a crowd had gathered, with police directing traffic. It was the artist Pink, who had come to Toronto.

For my fellow programmer techies - I love Java, and it's great that Bell seems to use Java too on their site. The heading reads 'NULL'. The text reads 'Enter your phone number to see if the power of null is available to your home'.



Ek Umeed said...
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Ek Umeed said...

Hi Mezba:

I never thought Hollywood movies would start adopting Indian movie songs and/or tunes for the intro segments (laughing). I too would have probably jumped out of my seat, if I had not been prepared in advance for the start-up to include the famous Bollywood chart-topping number. Or better yet, I actually might have wondered (for a second at least) if I had accidentally walked into the wrong movie theater. For that reason alone, I am now inclined to check the movie listings for this film at the theater.

(Smiling.) Again, you have the right of it in the matter. Guys, or for that matter even girls, should try never to presume that "being in the right" earns one the "right" to use the triumphant yet annoyed tone of voice aloud, especially in so public a setting. Let's face it: Who doesn't love being right? Of course, I have posed a rhetorical question, as I am assuming that most of the general populace does. But honestly, a person is more likely to get his or her point across by refraining from the I-told-you-so in an oh-not-so-subtle-manner. In fact, I would not be surprised to find if the female in question of your story had been slightly irked by so blatant a display of his exultation. I think, instead, he should have let her "save face" so-to-speak, by only sneaking a peek at her face when she realized she had been wrong and smirked in private; I am sure that act would have scored him some points in the “gentleman department” and possibly some serious display of affection later.

By the way, you have such a great way with words. Have you ever considered writing an opinion column or a personal column for either the newspaper or a magazine respectively, for I do believe you have a natural art for storytelling. Most of the time, whenever I try to tell an anecdote, I fail miserably. Perhaps that is because I do not get to the punch line in enough time, getting sidetracked with presenting the details correctly. Of course, in cases where humorous anecdotes are in question, my failure at marvelous storytelling occurs because of the giggles that are interspersed in my narration (winks).

Ek Umeed a.k.a. Ek Nazara :)

Anonymous said...

Inside Man rocked! I LOVE Denzel Washington ya hear! And Clive Owen was good too! The scene where he asked for the cellphones was something man - very brutal! OK I will stop using exclamation marks NOW!!!

- Farah.