Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Yet Another Use For The Car

It recently snowed in Toronto. Given that it's Canada and the middle of winter, this should not be news, but it was. I was at a friend's place, borrowing a few DVDs. Around 10 pm, as I was leaving, I noticed his car was still on his driveway.

"Aren't you going to put your car in the garage?" I asked him, "They say a car overnight in the garage is atleast 5 degrees warmer than a car left outside on the driveway, and in the long run it's better for the engine."

My friend stepped out and peered into the sky.

"Usually I do it," he replied, "but tonight I won't. You see, according to the Weather Channel, it's going to snow tonight."


"And if I leave the car out on the driveway, the snow will hit the car instead of my driveway. So, in the morning, I won't have to shovel the driveway. It will already be shovelled."

Ah. Yet another labour saving feature of the imported car.



Anonymous said...

Sheer genius. So who nurtured the brains? Is he a Desi?

Shabina said...

that makes no sense! unless a) his driveway is *really* tiny and/or b)his car is ginormous.

mezba said...

Anon: It's an Indian guy.

Shabina: The driveway is one and half car length. If there is no wind there will be lot of snow on top of the car but not enough on the driveway. He actually tested this. Lol. His car is a Charger.

Aisha said...

LOL.... okkkkk interesting logic. Laziness/Effiency v. the aesthetic/functionality of your car. Vatever :)

ekjon Deshi bhai said...


I remember some time back, a moron had parked his car uat a bay but part of the car's rear was jutting into the next parking spot, rendering that next spot useless. Since we were out of vacant parking spots, and couldn't be asked to look longer, the Bangladeshi guys with me simply got out, lifted the car's rear (four of them) and swang it back into the bay it belonged in. There wasn't an alarm on the car, fortunately... We gleefully parked thereafter. Since then, I've equated brainy car equations to Desis. I was right!!!

Be well, bhai.

Isheeta said...

haha, thats the first thing I thought, the dude must have been desi! See, u gotta love desi dudes for ingenius stuff like that!

Reza said...

Interesting Idea. Now why didn't I think of that? Maybe cuz I don't have a car hah.

Nabeel said...

hahaha .. great read .. necessity is the mother of invention ..

how many inches did it snow?