Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sex In The City of ... Dhaka ?!!

Regarding my post on live-in relationships.

It seems the Daily Star of Bangladesh has let the genie out of the bottle and published an article about this 'taboo' topic. The link is here. It's a Bangladeshi newspaper website so you have to excuse the fact that some images don't load and layout maybe a bit screwed up.

One thing you will note from the article is that the guys are all about how important is sex to the relationship. I hope the Star interviewed the same guys after they 'did' it. Maybe the guys were just talking in front of their girl friends, hoping to get some. If there is one universal constant in guys, its that we all want some.

“The physical aspect of a relationship is very important," says Himel, a 23-year-old university student, "If you love someone and get physically involved with them, it's fine. It's different if you do it just because of the physical factor, however..." Himel, who has been sexually active since the age of 15, believes sex is a natural part of a romantic relationship.

And since when is a 15 year old pervert a benchmark of Bangladeshi youth. This dude probably spied his maid servant from peepholes.

Zarif, also 23, however, does not give sex as much importance. "It would be better if you can avoid taking it to the final level," he says. He does not have a problem with other people doing it, but he himself would probably not go all the way before marriage, he says. Zarif, however, does not have any reservations about his partner having any previous sexual encounters. "I would just like to know about it," he says.

Now a voyeur. Most people would prefer the don't ask don't tell policy.

Many men, though, exploit women, some honestly, others with false promises. Men more than women indulge in sex simply for pleasure and often move on, while most women usually have expectations of such an intense relationship actually going somewhere. They can say no, but sometimes they do not, whether for fear of losing their loved one or because they foster false hopes of the romance actually leading to marriage at some point.

I have seen this behaviour before. It's called 'guy' behaviour. Good to know Bangladesh university campuses teach the latest.

Then there is the 'Professor'.

But the phenomenon is still very present in our society today, says Prof Ahmed. He refers to a scale of intensity in physical relationships, which range from "petting" and "fondling" to "genital touch" and intercourse. Studies show that 100 percent of couples engage in petting, 80 percent in fondling, and about 30 percent go for sexual intercourse.

I would like more about this Professor and his studies. How do you conduct that study? Where did you get these figures of 100 percent petting? A HUNDRED percent? Alas, the Star provides no clues. And 'petting'? Mr Ahmed, you are not at the zoo. And who actually thought of the studies in the first place? Gee, what to do today, oh I know, see how many of my students are petting!

Ali, a first year university student, admits that he would not marry a girl he himself had had sex with, if that were to happen. "I wouldn't be able to trust a girl who would have sex with me before marriage," he says. "I might be bad for having done it myself, but I wouldn't marry someone who was also bad."

This is what you call a hypocrite. A do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do 'values' guy.

The Star mentions this.

Unfortunately, not all STDs are preventable by using a condom. Sometimes, only abstinence is the way to protect yourself.

This is something that those HBO movies mentioned at the beginning of the article fail to articulate.

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